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  1. KevinMonster

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    Im having some problems with my car and a dealership. One of my co-workers told me to look at our Insurance because it covers a Lawyer/Attorney. Is this true?
  2. scratch

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    Some of the Teamster Locals provide certain legal services, so you should contact yours.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our local covers the cost of an attorney within the network or will pay a set fee if you choose to use your own attorney.

    Have you thought about going through small claims or arbitration rather than hiring a lawyer?
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    I deleted the content of the post because the one I responded to has been rightfully deleted.
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  5. rod

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    I was always under the assumption that legal help would be provide providing your problem had something to do with UPS being involved---like being in an accident while driving your package car. I find it hard to believe legal help would be covered for you because you sue your neighbor when their plum tree drops its fruit on your side of the fence. Was I wrong all those years?
  6. UPSGUY72

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    Contact your state consumer protection agency they might be able to help you.

    Also does your state have a lemon law? If so you might be covered under that if they can't fix your problem in so many attempts.

    If your looking for money small claims court might be better for u. No lawyers are aloud for either side so someone from the dealership has to show up and explain what is going on.
  7. scratch

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    My brother and myself are currently using a lawyer to settle our mother's estate. My brother works for GM and its a UAW law firm. All we have to pay are filing fees. The IBT offered legal services in a 2010 brochure, I'm not sure if this is still going on.

    Legal Services
    The Teamster Privilege Legal Service makes it easy for you to get the legal help you
    need to avoid and solve legal problems. A nationwide network of attorneys at more
    than 2,000 law offices offers free and discounted services to members.
    Legal Service benefits include:
    ★ No enrollment charge or annual fee
    ★ A free initial consultation with a lawyer of up to 30 minutes (in person or over
    the phone)
    ★ Free document explanation and review
    ★ Free follow-up letter or phone call, if likely to resolve a legal matter.
    ★ Most additional services are discounted by 30% (including attorney’s hourly
    rates and flat fees for most common legal cases.)
    ★ Lawyer referrals available online
    For participating lawyers near you call 1-888-993-8886 or go to
    and click on Teamster Privilege Program to find a lawyer onlin
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  8. whiskers

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    A pre-paid lawyer (or something like that) is available through I don't know the details, but it's there.
  9. rod

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    Everything here is basically what any lawyer would do if you checked with them first. Maybe not the 30% off but most times that only means they jacked the price up 30% to begin with.