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    Hi Everyone....I started my 30 days driving probationary period Dec. 23rd 2010...drove for 3 weeks and was laid off along with the 3 drivers before me that had JUST completed their 30 days. My question is now that we are bumping pre loaders and local sorters for our 8 hrs daily are we suppose to get paid our driver (progression) rate? HR told me we should be getting paid our part timer rate?

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    What is your supplement?
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    Not sure what you mean by supplement? I'm working pre load and local sort to make my guaranteed 8 hrs.
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    Most likely part time rate. The kicker is though that you don't get overtime until after 8 hours.
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    supplement means in a nut shell where are you from, every local union have there own Supplement to the nat'l contract it's found in the back of your contract book
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    Your probably not guaranteed 8 hours you might only get 4 if you get 8 it could be on two shifts (preload and local sort) not one. Either way you will get paid your pt rate. From what you said you never made your 30 days so they don't have to call you back.

    You better read your local rider and find out exactly what your rights are as they vary for each local.

    see a steward and GET A COPY OF THE CONTRACT and READ IT your local rider will be the last section of the book.
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    My Man, they Used YOU!!, until you were close to making your book, then when they saw you were getting close to your 30 days, UPS did not need you, so they bumped you back down classic UPS corporate tricks. It's up to the center manager, if he really likes you he will waiver that and make you finish making book.