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    Well, I received a letter today informing me that 12 of our feeder drivers are having to go to package cars. The feeders loads are being moved to the hub that is located in the city next to us and UPS is not allowing the displaced feeder drivers to follow their work. So the feeders go to package cars and the displaced package car drivers will go inside the hub. The letter stated that a minimum of 24 people will be unemployed HOORAY! We have small hub and I am around 20 0f the 24 so there goes my job and career at UPS. Should of stayed in school I guess law enforcement it is!:angry:
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    You haven't gotton laid off yet. You might be able to bump back in to preload and local sort IF YOU GET LAID OFF. Just cause you got a letter say what they are going to do dosen't mean anything to your center manager tells you your laid off.
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    First of all, I am sorry to hear about the layoffs.

    Is there not something in your supplement to allow you to follow the work? I would definitely file a grievance on this.

    In our center once a pkg driver goes to feeders and gains feeder seniority they can only come back to pkg at the bottom of the seniority list (no matter what their seniority is). We have feeder drivers working a day or two a week (or less), who are being told that they can not go back to package unless they go permamently, and to the botom of seniority.

    Are they going to dovetail the feeder guys in, or put them at the bottom of seniority?
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    in my local u have to exhaust all the lower guys than you in all surrounding bldgs before u bump inside
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    So why weren't they givin the option to follow the routes? Thats the way it always worked around my neck of the woods if a route was moved to another center.
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    The Feeder Drivers should be allowed to follow the work and dovetail by seniority into that bldg. if they so desire. Most suppliments have this language. LED is right. Someone should grieve.
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    its not to late to go to lawenforcment. it depends where you want to work i guess. The worlds a screwed up place right now.
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    UPS is not the same company you retired from, nor is it the same company I hired into.
    Whoever is making the decisions are in a panic/lock down mode.
    Damned scary,
    this economy is temporary and the restructuring of UPS will be permanent, until the next "unseen" problem.
    I am just a "box monkey", but my observation is;
    UPS is being reactive, not proactive.
    Service to internal UPS "numbers" now overrides service to our customers.
    Mr. Casey must be spinning like a top.
    Back to topic.
    Since this is a union controlled seniority issue, the work positions should flow down hill, by seniority.


    I believe it was Yogi Berra that said "It aint over til it's over" so until you are turned away keep showing up for work
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    Man you are funny

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    First off, Is the city they are moving the feeder jobs in the same local? That makes a world of difference. Just because they're close doesn't mean they are. And you lose a lot by going there.

    You are not layed off. You will enjoy the "real" world of UPS drivers. Micro-management, pumped up min-maxs, driving out of a 800 when you need a 1000. Welcome back to the fraternity. :wink2:
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    FIRST : Are these feeder guys only working a day a week because thats all the work there is for them or is it because they went from a real drivers job to the worst drivers job that there is anywhere?

    SECOND: If these feeder guys bid back to package car(nuts if they do) they will get dovetailed into the centers seniority list. They don't start over at the bottom. Unions and seniority lists don't work that way. Doesn't matter what any knucklehead manager says about starting over at the bottom - that would never happen
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    Is the "layoff letter" the first you're hearing about this? Contractually, 45 days notice required. And the company must bargain with the union over the effects of the COO (change of operations).

    Article 38 Change of Operations

    Section 1.
    (a) The Employer agrees that prior to any change in its operation that will result in a change of
    domicile, and/or possible layoff of seniority employees, it shall notify the affected Local Union(s) in
    writing and then meet jointly with them to inform them of the proposed changes and to resolve
    questions raised in connection with the proposed change. During this joint meeting the Employer
    and the Union shall reduce to writing all agreed upon issues and both parties shall sign the written
    document in acknowledgement of such agreement. The parties shall also reduce to writing all
    unresolved issues, if any, and they shall be referred directly to the appropriate Regional Change of
    Operations Committee. This meeting shall be completed where practical at least forty-five (45) days
    prior to the proposed change. The change may not be implemented until the forty-five (45) days' notice
    is provided and the meeting is completed unless the operational change is dictated by emergency
    conditions. The Union shall not unreasonably delay the scheduling or completion of the requested
    meeting. Any unresolved issues reflected in Section (c) below, which have been reduced to writing,
    will be resolved pursuant to that Section.
    In all locations where the Employer implements "satellite" facilities, the Employer shall meet with the
    affected Local Union(s) and discuss the issues covered by this Article.
    (b) Any agreed to change of operations reached by the Local Union(s) and the Employer shall be
    reduced to writing and filed with the Joint National Change of Operations Committee. It is understood
    that a regional area representative of the affected region(s) shall sit on the Joint National Change of
    Operations Committee.

    As far as the affected feeder drivers:

    Article 38 Change of Operations
    (3) In a Change of Operations affecting feeder drivers, the following language will apply: Whenever a
    center is partially closed and the feeder work is transferred to or absorbed by another center, all feeder
    drivers, in seniority order, will have the option of following the available work and have their seniority
    dovetailed in the new center or be allowed to exercise their seniority in their present center
    , and take
    whatever jobs become open as a result of other employees following the work or taking a layoff. If a
    senior feeder driver elects to take a job which has been transferred out, the displaced employee(s) will
    fill the vacated job(s) by seniority until the next bid.
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    In some areas you keep your FT seniority date for vacations and such, but you lose center seniority. So you could be a 20 year feeder guy and if you switch buildings, you are no longer a 20 year feeder guy IN THAT BUILDING. I have heard of that.

    Now if you are FORCED off your bid job due to the co moving the job, and you follow it dovetailing, that may be different or the same, not sure on that call.

    Every region you'll get a different answer on these things.
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    I appreciate the fact that everyone has ignored the troll that stuck his ugly head in this discussion!:happy2:
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    These guys are not working because of lack of volume.

    Feeder drivers are not guaranteed 8 hours/day as pkg drivers are in my area. In fact they are not guaranteed any work at all (which is why I chose not to go to feeders).

    We have a package driver, in my center, who went to feeders for 5 or 6 years and came back to pkg. He had to go to the bottom of the seniority list.

    It kinda makes sense in a way. If a 20 year pkg driver goes into feeders he goes to the bottom of the list. So you would think that a feeder driver going back to pkg would go to the bottom of seniority.

    Now as far as being forced from feeders into pkg, you would think that seniority would be dovetailed.
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    I guess your locals rules are different than mine. . . . .much different. All full time employees in my building that bid to feeders get dovetailed into the feeder seniority list. If a feeder driver bid back to package he gets dovetailed into that centers seniority list. Definitely an injustice that this is not the rule from east coast to west coast. As an employee, as the years go by, you accumulate seniority. As an employee, seniority is all that you have and carry with you from classification to classification.
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    As was pointed out the feeder drivers should be able to follow the work if the want to. I believe there is also something in the contract (it may be the supplemental) where the company would have to continue to pay into the drivers previous local's pension plan if the locals are different.

    It seems what the company seems to be doing now, (at least where I am), is whatever they want to do and let the union grieve it and go to arbitration.
    The thought seems to be by the time it gets to arbitration, business will be back up and then the company will say, "We're sorry, the union is correct, we won't do it again." (Probably in the hallway outside the arbitrator's office.)
    This way trying to avoid any penalties.
    That seem to be what they're doing here and the wait for arbitration is supposed to be about 2 yrs.
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    Sorry to hear that...

    Give your BA a call...
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    I think LED is refering to the list where you are qualified in feeders but do not have a run or a vacation cover person. The name escapes me at this time. Unless some one retires or goes to the pearly gates you can be stuck there for a while especially in a small building.