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    Northern California Sort Rider to the Northern California Supplemental Agreement:

    Section 7 - Job Seniority in Reassignment Page 14,
    Once an employee has established seniority in a classification and is reassigned to a lower paid classification, such employee shall continue to be compensated at the higher wage scale if job seniority is not observed in the reassignment. However, when employees AT THEIR OWN REQUEST are placed in a lower paid classification, they shall be paid at the rate of pay of the lower classification.

    *Since your seniority is not being recognized and you are doing low seniority work, you should keep your driver pay rate. If you choose to do the easier jobs in the hub and have your seniority recognized you would be paid the hub rate.

    Section 9- Location Seniority Page 15,
    ...seniority for all employees will be INTEGRATED for the purpose of layoff and rehiring and for eligibility to qualify for higher straight time hourly rate jobs.

    *You have the choice to do higher seniority work for the hub pay rate which would be lower.

    Despite this language being in our contract management has refused to give laidoff package drivers our driver pay rate saying that we are voluntarily taking the hub rate position. Yet they have been taking disciplanary action for dependability against drivers working in the building. If it is our "choice" to work in the hub how can they disciline for not coming in???

    Union backing on this issue has been completely nonexistant. My BA has said that the way I am interpretting the language was not the way it was intended to be.

    Can anybody tell me how my interpretation is off??? My BA becomes hostile when I have asked him.
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    We have similar language in our contract. Laid off to the inside, get feeder rate. Funny thing is once we got that language mgmt has figured out how to manage the paid day and we haven`t had a layoff since.
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    Thing is, the issue has gone on for three years now. Thats a serious amount of back pay.
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    File a complaint with the NLRB.
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    Our local worked this out with UPS and , any laid off seniority FT drivers now get FT top driver rate working inside the building instead of their part-time rate. This was a pretty big deal two years ago when the layoffs were happening in January (09)
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