Layoffs DURING Peak

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by TheTakeOver, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Well, I got the talk today. Myself and two other p/t loaders at my building were basically canned today. We got a big speech from our sup on how we were his three best employees, followed by the news that we were done working our sort. He said that he would try to get us in the 3am shift, but not to come in on Monday. His reasoning was because of lower flow than in years past.

    I'm pretty disappointed. I've been with UPS since September, and was planning on staying at least until i finished school. Now I'll spend the weekend with my fingers crossed, hoping I'll get the call for the preload... which is really going to **** with my school schedule.

    Just a couple hours before I went in today, i was talking to my parents about the unemployment numbers that just came out. I said: "You know, my job is no walk in the park, but at least I'm not one of the 6.7% jobless."

    Now I might be.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This may be the time to look at your other options. It sounds as though your focus is school and UPS was spending money, which is where it should be at this point in your life. I would start checking out the "help wanted" ads today. Good luck.
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    I think you should do what is the best for you. At you age school should be number 1 as it is to all kids. I also started at ups while in school at some point I decided I wanted to be a driver and that is where I am today. Best of luck to you
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    If you were hired in September, then do you not have seniority? Are you saying that there is not one seasonal employee on your shift? I guess you are in a small building. Make sure there are no seasonal employees on the other shift. In addition, you are not canned. You are laid off. You have first refusal before any other part-time employee can be hired. At least in my region.
  5. TheTakeOver

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    We/they don't have any seasonals on either shift. Our sort only processes 9,000-14,000 a night.

    And in response to the others, I don't think you guys really see how hard it is to find work right now. one of my buddies has been applying for jobs since october, nothing. it might just be here in california, but it's tough. I want to keep working for ups for the time being because... well, it's work. I have my priorities set. I'm already working a small job in my field of study on the weekends, and I know just how much better a career in that would be in comparison to life at ups, but ups was my plan to get through school with benefits and whatnot.
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    That depends on the field. Some are going gang-busters. It also depends on where you're looking. Some parts of the country are falling apart economically. Some are booming like never before. I'm still kind of new in town but the local mall here in Fargo seems to be doing gang-buster sales every weekend. If you have options to move and are out of school, take a look at the bigger picture rather than your local area.

    Its a good plan! I did it twice. I never regretted it. Then again, I didn't look back when I left, either. If you can find a job doing something else, I strong suggest you do so. UPS isn't worth being your priority. I have a relative whom made UPS a priority for a year and a half. He's over a year behind in school.

    Get out while the getting is good! -Rocky
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    tough break. good luck to you though
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    (1) there is always work (2) there are always ways to make money and survive (3) UPS sucks and it was good to get out now rather than 2 years from now, or whatever it might be. Ive seen people quit or retired that immediately look healthier and say they feel much better after quitting. It's been 7+ long years for me, it's not easy and you'd do yourself much better to do something else!

    Also just wanted to say, I took a voluntary layoff (VLO) last Friday on the midnight shift (worked the first half though) That is a very, very funny and at the same time bad problem to have during peak in the 6th largest hub in the U.S.
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    good news, guys. my sup called me today saying that my permanent shift would now be the preload. i'm not real excited to wake up at the time i'm usually going to sleep, but hey. it's work. i finished my finals today, and next semester doesn't start for another month. i'm going to take a couple weeks to see if i'll be able to handle preload followed by a full school schedule, but i think i'll be okay.

    just wondering if anyone balances full-time school and an early-morning shift...
  10. rod

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    I can imagine it would cut into the P-A-R-T-Y time quite a bit:peaceful:
  11. UnsurePost

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    I worked part-time on the preload (and other areas) many years. Was not attending school, but other work. I'll try to give you a few of my experiences that should give you an idea of how may see things working out!

    First, eat something and get caffine in you before 5am! Your body will be losing muscle from within and you will get tired even more quickly and dramatically than normal ( rather if it was 11am for example)

    Let's say you have late classes on Wednesday night for example, 5:30 to 8. This is usually best dealt by trying to sleep plenty rather than watch tv or live like a normal person. Try to get a good 9-3 or whatever time sleep!

    Several times playing music, I would play out Tuesday nights ending near 11pm, sleep 3-4 hours and goto work around 4:30am. Fun but NOT easy times!!!!

    Caveat - how much time studying you require to succeed with school work

    It would seem more wise to study after work ( if you have time). My brain was is in FULL GEAR 6-10am! It took a good amount of time, though, at least 3 months to fully adjust to being awake at 3am.

    Anyway, best thing to do now with free time - find a real job in the next few weeks!! :sick: