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  1. Brown54

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    I keep reading about layoffs at hubs. Is this all rumors? I can't seem to find any company news to substantiate the rumors.
    Here in the NW we are still getting high volume, in part due to the Dec. snow and now the flooding and closures of interstates that has interupted volume.
    I would really like to see the idiots who planned this peak season laid off. Or better yet, demote them to the mail room and make them deliver it with those bikes and trailers that went unused.
  2. sortaisle

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    Each successive peak sucks worse than the one before it. I haven't had one single year here in my 12 years where I said "Man this peak RULED! It was the F-ing BEST!" Each year they cut a few more routes and make people do more and more. Injuries are of course going up with the increase in volume per car. You'll never see UPS admit this of course. It does little good to piss about it. My give-a-damn broke years ago, and I realized if we just show up and work as directed and generally ignored things that management bitched about, things seem to go alright.
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    There hasn't been any word of layoffs in my area. They are actually short drivers with people taking vacations.
  4. Channahon

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    And the idiots you blame are accountable for the weather in the NW and road closures, along with cities and towns that have problems with snow removal?

    I spoke to a very good friend of mine who works out fo the Washington districr, and said everyone has been working their butts off since the horrible weather, both management and hourly to try to make as much service as they could. However, he stated there were areas as of January 3, that still had 2 ft of snow in residential areas. And he started in 1978 and knows what it takes to get deliveries made, in adverse weather.
  5. rod

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    I just talked to a friend that still is a driver at my old center and he said that starting Monday 4 out of about 26 drivers were being laid off. In all honesty that is about what has been laid off every year after peak. Sometimes even more. I guess the big question now is - how LONG will they be laid off?
  6. New Englander

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    We have 5 being laid off. Though our entire state was over staffed by two this last bid per center.

    So it's no different then last year.
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    No layoffs in our center in Vermont. Our center manager asked drivers if they wanted to take extra time off without pay through March. We had several drivers sign up for this. I still have a week and two days left so I passed. We also have two drivers out hurt and one that came back from being injured almost 6 months.
  8. barnyard

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    We do not have anyone on vacation next week. There are 11 guys with less seniority than me and none of them are scheduled to drive. Most are either bumping onto reload or local sort. 2 are not bumping, hoping that there will be sick calls.

    Pretty typical post peak here.