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    There have been layoffs in our center since the end of January. Most of us have had the chance to drive a few times ( I do mean just a few). There have been many issues that have been or are in the process of being grieved. I understand that the amount of grievances are at an all time high at our center right now. This will be going on 5 months now and with about 20 laid off and almost 30 people on vacation this week, we still signed our weekly layoff papers. The grievance process does not seem to be getting anywhere and wanted to get input on what else could be done? Thanks for the help.
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    How long have you been at Brown?
  3. bleedinbrown58

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    Layoffs? We don't have enough drivers....
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    I have only been here right at 5 years. I understand that I don't have that much seniority, but if you could see how things run at our center the majority of the time, all you can do is shake your head in disbelief. We have satellite centers around us (within a 45 min drive) that need help and we can't even do that. It seems that they are almost trying to run us off.
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    Your local might not allow drivers to be loaned out to other buildings. My local allows it between certain buildings but not all of them.
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    Is there something in the Contract or Supplement that does not allow this? If not, I would think and hope that the Local would do what they could to get members back to work, especially if another center or satellite was short and had a need for drivers.
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    we kind of need to know what local and supplement you're under.
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    shoot, I get text messages asking if I want a lay off nowadays!!!
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    Local 516 Southern
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    If you read the contract you would know your rights and the local procedure for layoffs and your bumping rights.... So read it. You been working for UPS for 5 years and still haven't managed to read any part of the contract.....
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    I have read the contract and do understand the basics allowed during layoffs for displacement of less seniority staff. If there is something I am missing or am just complaining about without merit than please let me know as that is all I am asking. I am asking to see if there is anything else that can be done from UPSers that have been around much longer than I have. My understanding is that this hasn't happened at our center in over 12 to 15 years at this level. We know agreements have been made that are not in the contract when we talk to our center Stewards. I have a family that I have to support and just want to work, if that is not going to happen for a while than just say so. UPS sure needed us all last peak and now that they look good, it is back to the almighty dollar, which I am not opposed to as that is what I here to do as well, I just want to get in a car and DRIVE! Thanks for the help.
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    I don't know what you local supplement says. If you read than you know what it says. If you have question ask your shop steward or you BA they would know what the local procedure are better than anyone on BC...