lazy coworkers?

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  1. browntroll

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    im just wondering how do you guys deal with lazy coworkers? im not talking about guys that go at slow pace, im ok with that specially if they have
    their time in already. im talking about guys you are sent to help and they literally stop working so they can tell you a 5 minute story while they watch you
    work a their trailer by yourself. i had another guy as soon as i walked in he asked if i was there to help and i said yes, he then decides to take 5 minutes
    to tie his boots but as soon as sup arrives he decides to work fast. and a i had a few ppl decide its ok not to help me with bulk even though i asked for their help.
  2. TearsInRain

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    when i was an hourly i just worked as instructed and ignored what anyone else was doing

    if they asked for help i'd refuse. if i was told to help them, i'd do the bare minimum and get back to my own stuff

    works out since 9/10 the only people you're ever asked to help in-building are the useless ones

    on-road or out of preload, i'm sure it's different though
  3. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Have you considered management? Lol?
  4. Bagels

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    In theory MYOB should be effective, but when I'm assigned a work area intended to be double teamed and the person I'm working with does little or nothing, and I actually CARE about my job & the impact on others, its outright frustrating.

    Among the most common scenarios:
    - when loading a boiling 120-degree trailer, the person I'm working with consistently offers to split the work by doing the scanning while I do the loading;
    - when unloading a 53' rail in which the extendo/rollers only stretch 42' - requiring the remaining 10' to be walked off - the person I'm working with always wants to unload the first half, making me endure the brutal second half;
    - when loading package cars at the end of the sort, the person I'm working with abruptly stops / slows down in order to B.S. -- typically with the belt supervisor -- while I have to act like Flash because I actually CARE that the driver departs on-time, especially in peak/the winter when it gets dark quickly. (Guess who gets blamed?)
    - etc.
  5. Dracula

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    It's been my experience that people who bitch about lazy workers are workers who run their ass off, skip their meals and complain to their supervisors. Trust me, those workers you complain about, are much cooler than you. Don't take it personally.
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    Did you read the post grandpa? He's talking about inside work. You might have done some back when Roosevelt was still in office. Being not far removed from it, inside work is abysmal. You might have maybe 25% of the workforce that is responsible, hardworking, show up on time, etc. The rest of worthless. But, management can't have high turnover numbers, no sir. Might cut into that cush bonus money. So they beat the work horses to death, propping up the worthless.
  7. browntroll

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    i dont complain to supervisors not gonna do any good if i do, im just wondering why someone would be a safety rep but decides to not help me unload 150lbs box when i need help.
    what happens if i get injure well its my fault for trying to take bulk out of trailer by myself right.
    dont get me wrong i do have my way at getting back at ppl which im sure isnt the right thing to do and the reason im asking for advice on this subject.
  8. chrootz

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    Trust me, don't lift *any* inregs and just skip it and unload under 69lbs package. I happen have same situation what you have.

    Till sups get someone come and help you with the inregs.

    My sups once or twice scolded at me and I fingered in middle at his face and I talked shop steward about it. Sup cannot force you lift the inregs and don't be hero. :D

  9. browntroll

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    normally i leave them to the side but my luck i end up filling up both sides of trailer to the point i cant walk out(safety hazard) and i get a talking to everytime a full time sup
    walks by. so i then decide to ask a person whose only job is to actually help us with ireg/bulk and messed up boxes, this person says no so part-time sup walks by and tells person scanning
    boxes to help me but this person refuses also. so at this point is when i stop caring and send up ireg/bulk upside down so scanner has to flip to scan and they always do lol
    i love the :censored2: off look on their face when they realize its bulk but now they care enough to pull it off and complain to a sup. thats basically a regular day for me.
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    9/10 really wow?!??!? Must see the future.

    Will our next contract pass?!?!?!?