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  1. ajhill

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    So I work in the metro Detroit area. I was looking through some UPS documents and I saw that they offer a legal plan through Hyatt Legal Services that I am interested in signing up for as I am in the process of fixing my credit and figured an attorney could help. I've tried talking to the Union and they dont seem to know what Im talking about it. Ive been trying to contact HR for weeks with no luck. There is a annual enrollment period that I dont want to miss and I would assume that it would be this time of year. Does anyone have any information about this?

    As a side question, I just hit my 5 year anniversary last week. As far as I know that makes me eligible for my pension, but does the 5 year mark come with any other new perks?
  2. clean hairy

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    I am in the legal plan, so I can help.
    You get an 800# to call with a specific issue, then you are given a list of Attorneys that handle the legal issue have.
    The one issue they will NOT handle is Employee/ Employer issues.
  3. ajhill

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    So what did you have to do to sign up? Did you go through HR or the union, and can you recall the time of year that you signed up? Im concerned about missing the deadline and having to wait a year to get another opportunity.
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    I'm not understanding where an attorney can fix your credit. Credit is typically "fixed" by paying your bills ontime. If you are looking to file bankruptcy then I can somewhat understand, and even then I would think there are more objective sources for opinions on finances than an attorney. Not knocking you and I hope you can get your situation straightened out, but you may be jumping the gun on the solution.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Credit cannot be "fixed" other than through paying your bills on time.
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    Possibly, something wrong on credit report. That could be a hassle and need a lawyer.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not necessarily. Consumers can challenge the information on their report and can add statements to explain an unusual situation.
  8. brett636

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    When there is something wrong on your credit report you have every right to dispute it, and the party responsible for it must prove why it is there within 30 days or it gets removed by law. Beyond that I'm not sure what your rights are, but i bet an attorney is still several steps away. I've known people who went to attorneys for financial advice when they got in over their head with credit card debt when its just not that complicated, but there are attorneys who will take someone's money to "fix" a problem that they could fix themselves relatively easily. I'd imagine sometimes people go for attorneys for these situations hoping there is some legal loophole they can take advantage of and wiggle out of their bad finances without paying for them. In the end a little research, financial discipline, and time can fix most credit issues.
  9. upschuck

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    But could be
  10. upschuck

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    But could be that far. :)
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    A quick google search can explain it better than I can, but they can negotiate with creditors to lower the bill, check to make sure debt collectors aren't illegally tacking on fees (which is a concern in my case), and lot of other stuff. My buddy actually had a problem with a shady collection agency, got a lawyer, and the collection firm ended up paying him $2000 to avoid court.
  12. upschuck

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    A collection service generally means that creditor has written off your loan and sold it to the agency for pennies on the dollar. You should be able to nnegotiate to less than 20% in some cases. Just be able to send a cashiers check after you get documentation for amount agreed upon.
  13. TooTechie

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    Wrong. There are credit repair services which obtain credit reports from the major bureaus then dispute all negative items. The credit bureau tgen contacts the creditor to obtain proof. If the creditor does not have proof or if the bureau does not respond within 30 days then they must permanently remove the negative item. This is a legitimate service as people often have errors on their reports that they don't know how to resolve.

    1) That being said a couple of notes:
    People can do this process themselves without a service/law firm.

    2) Some of these companies are disreputable and barrage the credit bureaus until they don't respond in time so they have to remove it which works but is unethical. Some of them also take your money and do nothing.
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    The legal plan is through UPS benefits so HR should be able to help you sign up. It's $2. and change a week. I know drivers that have used it to pay for a divorce, tickets they got working for UPS, house closings, etc. Setting up a will, and doing a house closing would probably cover 10yrs worth of payments in the legal plan. Let alone anything else you might need a lawyer for.
  15. UPSwife0174

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    I manage a collection agency. Do not waste your money on an attorney. Please DO dispute all the collection items that you think are legitimately incorrect, but be advised that the ridiculous people who are disputing everything on their credit reports in hopes of simply getting the items removed are coming under scrutiny from lenders: They know the game being played right now and seeing a gazillion disputed items paints a huge red flag.

    A very popular thing right now with medical clients is adding verbiage into the patient financial agreements signed at the time of service that states if you don't pay, a collection fee will be added once sent to an agency. This basically gets the client their collection service for free, because their patients are paying for it. Collection agencies cannot add fees of their own volition, and are liable for suit if they do.

    IMO, pay what you can, and what is legit. Some agencies can offer a settlement (mine doesn't often, as we do not purchase debt, and therefore need client consent to settle). Dispute items you truly question, pay down credit card balances. Other than that, time is your best ally.
  16. ajhill

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    Alright, Im obviously not gonna get into the specifics of my situation, but if I can have a few bucks a week taken out my check in exchange for an attorney to look over some things I have concerns about, it would be worth it. Worst case, he tells me that everything is legit and theres nothing he can do and I can cancel the legal plan. On the other hand, he could confirm my suspicions and save me thousands. While yes, I could do all the research and leg-work myself, I'm confident that someone with a legal degree and professional experience in this field could handle it much more effectively.
  17. Operational needs

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    I've used Hyatt Legal for many years. It's a great deal. I've definitely gotten my money's worth using it for multiple purposes.
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    Don't know if we are allowed to post links here, but do a search for hyatt legal plans.
    The home page will show for Emploers and another box for Employees who might consider joining.
    Check it out, at least you will have some info to work with.
    On the credit problem, say a person owes $5,000 and settles the debt for $2,500.
    The IRS considers forgiven debt as income subject to income taxes, the creditor will send the debtor a 1099 to the debtor, and to the IRS.
  19. bleedinbrown58

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    The 5 year mark gives you a 3rd week of vacation in my local.
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    In our division we have an EAP ( Employee Assistance Program). It offers all kinds of help for free or at a discount. Ask your wellness champion or Employee safety committee co chair and the should be able to get you the information.