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    I believe we will win but then we wont go on strike we will keep working without a contract until they come to a agreement of mabey only being able to use 5percent or less of hybrid drivers and guarenting no regular full time driver will lose any overtime or loss of pay from a hybrid driver working. And having protection from ups only hiring hybrids and not regular drivers. WE NEED 15$ A HOUR FOR PARTTIMERS AND BACK PAY WITH CATCH UP RAISES FOR PART TIMERS HIRED BEFORE 2018.. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST HYBRID DRIVERS AND TWO TIER WAGE SYSTEM (UNFAIR) BUT WE ALL KNOW AND ALREADY SENSE ANOTHER SELLOUT . SO LETS BE FAIR ABOUT IT ....WE WORK OUR ASSES OFF AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT . AND LETS ALSO UNIONIZE AMAZON THAT WILL HELP BOTH UPS and TEAMSTERS
  2. Well. That's not going to happen. I'm sure Amazon makes some generous donations to the Teamsters.....
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    If less than 1 out of 4 members would bother to phone in a vote when it was time to decide on an authorization to strike at some point anyway, there's not much reason for the company to fear a work stoppage at this point. Once the overwhelming majority of the hourlies checked out instead of opting to let their voices be heard the last time in 2013, a terrible first offer this time around was a near certain lock. When less than 25% of the union membership commits to authorizing a strike as a last resort, the likelihood of the company believing they could easily deal a devastating blow to that union in the event a strike is called only goes up. Unless this TA is overwhelmingly rejected by an average of 3 out of every 4 members eligible to vote on it, I highly doubt the company demonstrates any sense of urgency to present something substantially better before November 1st.

    A work stoppage with a united membership at a favorable time on the calendar might stand a chance at attaining a better long term future, but if more than 1 out of 4 cross the lines simply because they don't pay union dues anyway and don't bother to care about 5 minutes into the future much less 5 years, then it's gonna be tough. Strike or no strike, there's likely no quick resolution to the long term struggles many of us have to contend with on a daily basis at our workplace.
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    We are given 2 months extension of the old contract.

    I am for two tier wage system that rewards senior staying longer in the company. To me, if they work longer, they should get more money for staying within the company. Senior help educate fellows worker on how to do the job right and safely. How much senior make should never discourage you at all. In fact, it isn't your business or the new hire. If you want to make the same money as them, you have to work to earn it.

    You are going to get backpay and wage progression for catchup but they discounts the catchup. If you want catchup, this violate your disagreement against the two tier wage system.

    Hopefully, Teamster and local work against Hybrid Driver loophole.

    They suggested a 9.5 Protection. If people want to work longer, they can go on the list.

    Amazon will not allow union.

    The vote for authorization for strike already passed with a yes.

    I am hoping for work stoppage when the 2 months extension is over should the Tentative Agreement get shot down by membership vote.

    Please see UPSRising.org for more up to date information.
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    Well, quite a few people that I talked to didn't vote on the strike authorization because there wasn't ANYTHING out about the contract. Not like it really mattered anyway.
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    Huh what?
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    You really don’t have a clue do you?
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    Dear lord your grammar is terrible. Is English your first language? I feel like everytime I read your post. It is that of an Indian tele-marketer typing the post.
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    it is not the company's decision to allow or disallow it is the employees right and actually illegal to fire a employee for having a interest in forming one
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    Dude if your a English major why the hell are you working at ups who cares about grammar as long as you can read the post . PERIOD !EXCLAMATION POINT
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    In where did I say it is a company or the employee to fire each other?

    You were talking about the Two Tier Wage System and how its unfair that someone get more money than you.
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    Do you need us to indent our next paragraph supervisor
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    Brownrecycler please respond Why Are You For A TwoTier Wage System?
    It would seem that progression already fits your reason stated for a two tier wage system so no need. Would you advise a longer pregression instead of two tier?
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    Statement from someone saying Amazon will not allow a union and 2 tier wage system is union busting tactic 101
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    I’m terribly sorry little cupcake. I didn’t mean to offend you Princess.
    Merely stating when you read a post that looks like a pile of monkey crap. It tends to strains one eye and mind. Over
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    Last warning. You should keep your comment to yourself. Either you shape up with your constructive criticism or you will temporarily lose your right to read what I wrote. You have been actively targeting me for my writing.
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    Yea because you actively post stupid stuff and appear to be a company butt-sucker.
    Also if I don’t have to read one of your praise big brown threads again I’ll sleep just as well chico.
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    Actually, no, you aren't thinking it through.

    I made an opinion that Amazon wouldn't allows union, and the reason for that is I feel as lot of people pointed out on Amazon trying to cut cost.

    Faithful union worker is encourage as it still continue to bring contribution to the union.

    None of that would have anything to do with busting union system.