Let's all beat up 16 year old girls!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by UPS Lifer, Apr 8, 2008.

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    What is this world coming to? When 6 - 16 year old girls can lure another into a home and beat her unconscious, wait for her to wake up and beat her again. AND put it on tape you tube for the world to see???

    What can possibly justify a planned attack of this nature?

    This is just another in a series that young people think is OK because they live in a world of virtual reality. Our children have become de-sensitized to what is considered right and wrong.


    If we do not get back to the basic nuclear family concept where we as parents take responsibility for our children we are going to continue to deteriorate as a society.

    I sure would like to hear your thoughts on this and what we are going to do as a society to eliminate this type of behavior.
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    I feel the only thing that will help stop this kind of madness is a public trial, highly publicized with cameras allowed in the courtroom. Sentences for those directly involved must be harsh. One year in a juvenile facility for each would be appropriate followed by 1,000 hour of community service. For those marginally involved, 2,000 hours of community service to be completed in one year. Yes, that would necessitate being out of school for one full year and working, basically without pay, fulltime for the community. An example must be made of the entire group.
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    You answered your own question.
    I see the lack of guidance, daily.
    I long for the days where the entire neighborhood looked out for and upheld basic standards of behavior.
    I am a relic of the 50's, but damn it was good back then.
    Any neighbor could call me to task on my public behavior and my parents would thank them for letting them know I was doing something wrong.
    Now a days, it would be a lawsuit.
    I have no answer on how to reverse the current state of affairs.