Lets all do our part. Please educate all of our brothers and sisters.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by kingOFchester, May 9, 2013.

  1. kingOFchester

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    Regardless of what side you are on as far as the TA, please get out there and educate everyone on the contract. Inform them of their rights to vote. Explain to all the part timers, full timers how we are the union. The contract is our contract. Let them know where they can get the contract. Print up copies of the contract and show everyone the good and the bad. Tell them what you like about the contract. Tell them what you don't like about the contract. Tell them how you will vote. We vote by ballot and many of the guys I have talked to thought they had to go to the union hall to vote. Get their commitment to vote. Get them to understand that the contract will affect the next 5 years and even the next contract.

    Again, it isn't about how you feel (although I hope you are against the contract) but it is about getting everyone involved. If everyone voted, then we would all have the answer we are looking for.
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    Someone should come up with a simple yet effective page with facts of this contract let down. Heavy emphasis on SOLD OUT, TAKE ACTION, UNION FAILS ITS MEMBERS, point out the sketchy situation with health insurance, UPS profits and PT concessions.

    Print out a stack, take them into work, and leave them IN THE BATHROOM, on the walls, and keep doing it until every single disengaged union eye sees the facts while taking a piss and has something to think about when they go back to that 90 degree trailer to continue loading at an ever-increasing pace while continuing to get less from this company and our "union".

    I would do it but I am too lazy to take the initiative. However, printing the materials out should be something even the most disengaged of us could handle.

    Really, there are dozens of ways each one of us could impact the situation in a positive way. Our PTers have no interaction with anyone of value in the union. They are completely influenced by management and don't see the "real world" behind it. You don't reach these people by bitching on a forum like I do. Having a guy running for a low-on-the-pole union position, handing out pens at the doorway once a year is equally ineffective.

    Informational fliers on the urinals, sinks. The real underground information you find here, even if half of it is bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.
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    I do not think you can hand out on UPS Property. You might not get to vote, LOL.
  4. kingOFchester

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    I believe you are correct. But you can certainly bring in your own piece of paper and show people what you have on it. It would be pretty hard to fire someone for that.

    As far as the urinal wall, that space is left to tell me to drink water. Or to eat a healthy lunch. Or All Good Kids Like Milk.
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    If you have any email addresses of the people you work with you can use the invitation link and have them come to BC to see what's going on and hear everyone else's point of view.
  6. kingOFchester

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    Lets not get into making this to complicated, or a what we can and can not do. Just get out and talk with people. Talk to your loader. Talk to you neighboring drivers. Talk to the neighboring loader. Talk to the irreg driver. Talk to everyone. We are the union. We can make a difference.
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    Yes, exactly. So that isn't just my hub. Fliers are left on the urinals all the time. Your moral compass is so tight-assed, you're afraid to accidentally drop a piece of paper onto the urinal?
  8. kingOFchester

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    I have navigated through life using CYA radar. Far easier to stay on the down low, then to be Pimp Daddy Dog. Pimp Daddy Dog ends up busted. Low key Joe keeps sailing on.

    Another words, if there happens to be papers or stickers on the walls, no one will ever ever see me having anything to do with it. ;)
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    Oh, me either.
  10. IzzyTheNose

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    I'm with you 100%. Just be careful when you use the words "Sellout", or"Union failing its members". I know of a few guys who were very outspoken against the Union, and even though they were in the right, well, let's just say I don't want to be those guys.

    Aim all your anger and frustration at the company when you're talking to your brothers and sisters about this contract. As much as we may think the Union has failed us in any aspect, we can't do this without their support. Taking up this fight against one side is enough. You don't want to bump heads with both.
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    2008 registered. 34 posts. Quality, not quantity.

    Big thumbs up!!!!
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    Ok ill try here goes. We will all still buy new cars go on two great vacations a year and drink good beer , wine , liquor. We will eat steak, seafood and have weekends at the islands. Some of our favorite brother and sisters will retire good ( I hate these good guy that go because I love them) and they will tell everyone they were teamsters at the 55 and ker retirement cummunity. Those people will resent them but it is what it is.

    Meanwhile your company In 2019 will be making 9 to 13 billion a year net and we will all be getting more in yet another contract. Cry me a river I'm blowing a wad on my wife for Mother's Day and ill do it for ever because I work for a company who pays me good thanks to hall and the international brotherhood of teamsters. Cry me a river I'm about Ten pounds overweight because I eat real real GOOD.
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    Damn just when I think you couldn't be more of a douche.
  14. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Wow, you are the biggest :censored2: on bc.
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    OK407, I'll try here goes. You're right, you will be buying those new cars and have great vacations. And drink good beer and wine. I'm not much
    of a liquor guy. Not much of a steak eater but I like my lobster. But forget about retiring at 55. That's not going to happen when your monthly health care cost
    is going to go through the roof in 2018. Not to mention the loss of benefits some people currently have. And in all my posts you've never seen me once complain about the hourly increases.
    I agree, those are fair.

    This is all about the health care issue. If you're 55 in 2018, you're not going anywhere. Because you won't be able to pay the 1000 a month
    health care bill (next contract) when you retire along with that college education for your kid. And that car loan you still have out on those new cars. So you'll stay.
    And the health care cost per month will keep going up. So you'll stay. And the next thing you know you're 65. And those part timers waiting for a job will continue
    to wait. They won't start driving until they're 35. Now they need to work 35 years because of that unfair 4 year progression.

    I retired at 55 with 32 full time years. One reason and one reason only. Because my health care for my wife and myself was $50 a month. And a part timer who
    came into our center, who I mentored and helped train a bit ended up getting a full time driving job. A hard working young man with a wife and 2 kids who now has
    a future at UPS. I understand he's doing quite well. And now he can afford all that stuff you like. But he won't be retiring at 55. Because he won't get the same
    great health care package I got from a company that made 4 billion profit last year. And I think that stinks.
  16. norcal10

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    Okay I'm very confused. Where is the tentative agreement posted at? Is it on the Teamsters website? Or do I need to go to the hall to read it? I'd like to educate myself on what's being proposed. But I'm not sure where to do it. Thanks!!
  17. Abigpileofbrown

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    norcal,google tentative ups teamsters agreement.There are links there to teamsters.org.
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    I'm not sure why you even took the time to quote this man's post? NOTHING you blathered on about was in any way in reference to his post. But I'm glad you did. While I hope to some day share your laurels, I will also do everything possible to ensure I NEVER transform into the self-serving, pompous shill that you have become.

    You should be ashamed, but I highly doubt that you are. But I'm glad for it. Glad because you succeed in making yourself out to be a spectacle. You're a drunk clown dancing on a ball, while the rest of us laugh and pelt you with peanuts from the stands.
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    You know exactly what health care will cost. How much will mine be in 2019. I need to start planning.