Let's Look Some More At Goldman Sachs

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Let's not!:wink2:
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    :wink2:Looking closer at Goldman Sachs is like looking at a chystal ball-- What and who do you see ----well the former Governor of NJ for one -the past-the housing crisis ---the present- and cap and trade --the future .
    They are well positioned to make BILLIONS off of cap and trade along with our friends at GE.
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    I was at Liberty State Park a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. Right next to the park, Goldman Sachs has the biggest building in NJ.

    I told my daughter that within that building resided pure evil.

    Underneath the building they have a secret lab where they developed the "G" virus. When injected into a normal human, it turns them into an investment banker who's sole purpose is to destroy America by robbing it of all it's money.

    Sad thing is, that's probably not too far from the truth :greedy::surprised::funny:.
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    Your story reminds me years ago as we made a trip to the gulf coast, we passed through Columbus Ga. and crossed the river there into Alabama. Well the river that morning had a rather ripe smell to it and of course from the rear seats came the obvious, "What's that smell?" Never to pass up a golden opportunity, I told my kids this is what Alabama smelled like because of the mass production of mobile homes that takes place there. Now the real humor gets to the return trip as we head out of Florida crossing back into Alabama and my son at the time being about 7 yelled, "Hold your nose, here's come Alabama!" I think I didn't stop laughing until we got back to Columbus!

    All kidding aside, Alabama is a wonderful State especially the area around Scottsboro to Huntville (great caving) so Alabamians don't get to upset with my humor at your expense. My son does know now that the smell's source is actually from Georgia because we use the river as a septic tank! He also knows that it's this way because the gov't holds a monopoly of controlling, handling and processing all the :censored2: that our society dishes out!

    But this too shall pass! :wink2:

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    Goldman's Secret Moral Pathology

    You know, looking back at Goldman it's pretty bad how they've benefitted and even now in the present year, their power and influence in Washington is just at ever greater and incredible levels.

    I for one think we should stand up and let the greedy republicans know we're not gonna take this anymore. That we want them to put a stop to this fraud at the expense of the working man and the working families of America and the working poor. We're fed up and republicans should know that we're gonna hold them completely accountable and in the next election we're...........what.....uh......are you sure? ................ You wouldn't kid me would you?.................come on, democrats have the complete majority in Washington now? And this is still happening anyway?

    Bullschitt, democrats don't do stuff like this, they enact laws to keep this from happening and only republicans commit this kind of abuse and fraud. Everyone knows that!

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    Goldman revels where bailout cash went