Let's think of our next great service contest!

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    I'm thinking I can open the package for the customer so they don't get hurt,check the merchandise against the packing list,call the shipper from my cell for any discrepancies and then put the item away where the customer requests.
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    Shhh! Not so loud!
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    The one improvement that I would like to see concerns COD's. I know that we already offer COD notification but I would like to see this enhanced so that customers know ahead of time what the COD amount is, whether or not it is certified funds and the scheduled delivery date so that all we have to do is walk in and the check(s) will be ready.
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    Crap,this kills me to say...but I agree with you. But like anything else that seems like an easy fix,it won't happen.
  5. Doesn't matter how much advanced notice they are given. How many times have you left an infonotice with shippers name and amount and next day they ask you "Who is it from and how much?"
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    How about if UPS really wanted to be nice to everyone, employees and most importantly their customer base ?
    Put more trucks on the road everyday, thus decreasing each truck's load, and allowing the drivers to actually have time to address every complaint that they encounter personally.
    With more lighter loads the amount of misloads and bad pals could be reduced.
    Some drivers may even have time to go off route to correctly deliver these ORE.
    Now by putting SERVICE back into UPS , the business could grow.
    Happier customers will be willing to use UPS' services more often, knowing that a person, not some unknown 800 number, is there to address their grieves.
    I know it's all a fantasy .
    Because UPS' culture is do everything fast and at the lowest cost.
    Use and Abused is their motto.