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    I'm new to this board and I was looking for some info about UPS.....I'm am currently a 30 year old letter carrier making about 72-75K a year with alot of overtime..We get great benny's along with 4 weeks of vacation a year that we can carry over, but I'm really sick of the job and I'm looking for a change....How hard is it to get hired off the street for a driving pos?? Is it even possible?? How are your hours?? Vacation weeks per year?? Sick time etc.. I dunno if its even a option for me, but I thought I would ask....Thanks guys
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    Dude...Stay where your at. You have to be a part timer for years before you can even think of being full time. Unless you want to be part time then you have a pretty good shot of a part time driving job. Plus with 30yrs in the post office why not just stay there?
  3. off the street hires are very rare in most places. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but the general consensus (being on these boards and in my hub) is that it doesn't happen often. You already make what most of our drivers make (granted some a deal more depending on OT). As far as I know (I am a part timer, not sure if the rules apply to drivers as well, using UPS for the bennies) vacations do NOT carry over and you won't have as many as you do at the post office...well not right away anyways. Though they have to pay you for weeks you don't use (if you actually manage not to once you rack them up). I believe its 1 week your first year (or two if you choose to use some of your sick and optional days provided your area's supplement allows such things). I don't remember the exact vacation allowance/years with the company but I'm sure someone here does.

    Here in MA we are given 5 paid sick days and 3 paid personal days. We also get 10 paid holidays here.

    Hours for drivers vary, some work 8hrs, some under that (which will be "remedied" the next day)...some over 10. It really depends on the center you drive out of and its management.

    Also just so you know drivers start at under 15 an hour (though you get a raise with seniority then every 6 months after I believe) and get up to top rate (varies but normally 27-28$/hr) after 2.5 years.

    check out the master agreement it explains a lot
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    faded jeans Say WHAT again!

    Stay where you are now and be thankful.
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    I think you all missed it he's 30 years old working for the P.O. not working there for 30 years.
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    If you quit USPS and come here I will hunt you down. Well not really-but you get the idea.
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    HAHAHAHAHAH this cant be a real post. If you are making that coin carrying letters why would you stop. The teamster pension will not exist when it comes time to retire, your government pension will. But I would like to see you crying to mommy the first day in a packed P-1000.
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    Yes I did make 74ish last year, but i had to work tons of overtime (25-35 hrs) every 2 weeks..Plus the job isnt as easy as you think, but anyway I'm really sick of working with liars and scum.
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    Go to upsjobs.com and apply.
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    mj662 why would you want to leave the USPS if you're making that much? Are you already at step O? A letter carrier has it made with 10 paid holidays, rotating days off, choice of 8, 10, or 12 hour list and a long weekend every six weeks. I used to work as a letter carrier for 12 years and the last 9 years were as a T-6. I worked this past peak as a driver's helper for UPS and let me tell you a UPS drivers job is much harder than a letter carriers job. I've worked with five different drivers and they were always on the go with no time to goof off. The drivers told me they never heard of anyone being hired off the street. I have the highest respect for UPS drivers. The Postal Service is not that bad except for some of the management and from the stories the drivers told me about UPS management it wouldn't be much better there.
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    You already have a stable job. Why would you leave a job that pays around the same with less work. UPS drivers don't really have time to screw around like you think.
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    you can't go from the street to package car delivery with USPS?

    don't quit. the grass isn't always greener on the otherside. and why leave a job where you're getting paid way the hell more than you should be?
  13. and you want to work at UPS? Its not much different here. The hourlies and most supervisors are decent people, but you still really can't trust anyone above you. I'm not bashing UPS (well maybe I am a little) as I particularly like my job most of the time, but theres just as much sleaze here as you've got there.
  14. hoser

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    not much different in any other blue collar environment.
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    I made 74K last year too. If you really want to, I am willing to swap my job for yours. I will be glad to give up the Bowflexes and Dells to drive a Jeep and take all those holidays off!:cool:
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    better question...how do you get on USPS F/T? All they offer here is a cover basis position...
  17. I'd say any corporate environment, white or blue. Its just the way it is now, I wasn't insinuating it was only like this at UPS.:thumbup1:
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    it's a different kind of spinelessness in white collared environments. blue collared is a lot more dynamic, you have people physically doing the work, and the strife is vertical. while white collar, you have a lot more politicking, ass kissing, and the strife is normally horizontal (your competition/co-workers).

    but deep down, under all the sh-t, it's the exact same.
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    I have worked for UPS as a loader in the long trailers and it sucked but you ups employees have no idea how bad the usps is and it is worse if people decide that you are an enemy (union and management doesn't matter) I suggest you find a job then work six years or more to get the degree for that job (specific) then you may have a chance at making the same money you make now other than that just hope the PO goes under and you are transferred to another government agency.
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    5 to 6 years as a part time employee if you are lucky