Letter from Work Comp questioning my claim

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  1. Upslady20

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    Got a letter yesterday evening too late to call work comp saying they are now questioning my claim. My manager said UPS would fight it that your feet having problems was not a UPS issue. So I guess they are fighting it. But I don't understand if the doctor marked work related when I saw her how they can fight it. She did not mark unable to determine at this time or not work related.
    I guess they are mad since I reported to them several times it was bothering me and finally decided when the searing pain started that I had enough. No I can't say when the time of injury was it is like carpul tunnel that builds up overtime.
    So now what?
    What does something came up in the investigation mean?
    So until Monday when I can call my claims manager I will just go nuts:confused:1
  2. 30andout

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    Start looking for a good work comp. attorney.
  3. Delivered

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    They deny everything... I agree with 30andout about the attorney don't wait get one ASAP
  4. Fnix

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    dont attornies cost money?
  5. OldUPSDriver

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    The lady did say she had a pre-existing condition in a previous post that she had prior to her employment. That may have raised a flag.
  6. Upslady20

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    I have never said I had a pre-existing conditon unless you count plantar fasciitis as pre-existing and I was treated for that like 10 years ago. That is in a separate part of the foot involving tendons or ligaments my present condition or problem is nerve.
  7. Anon

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    Yes they do but most give free consultations. Also if this case were to go in front of a comp judge UPS would have to pay this persons attorney fees if they won.(and they would win) Like said above get a good attorney NOW and prepare for a long battle which you can and will win.I know from experiance.
  8. raceanoncr

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    Chill this w/e UPSlady. Other posts are right. UPS will try to deny any and all comp claims.

    Have had guys here win comp on carpal tunnel, which I didn't think would happen, but did. Good for them!

    Just hang in there if you know you're right! AND DOCUMENT all letters, phone calls, correspondence, etc.
  9. wornoutupser

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    We had a driver here file W/C for carpal tunnel. He reported for his surgery and UPS had cancelled it!
    He eventually was operated on.

    I also had UPS call and cancel my appointments so that I would be disqualified and dropped. I caught it, raised holy He!! and forced them back. I have seen more games with W/C than you could dream of. The problem seems to be that if you have a legitimate claim, they play games and if you are possibly faking it, they go along with it.

    Kinda reminds you of management!
  10. Anon

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    20% IF the case is settled.They still get what fees they accured while representing you. Settaling a case with UPS usually means resigning and taking a cash settalment abolshing them of anymore responsability for your injury. If you don't settle with them then your attorney only gets his fees paid for which still can be quite a bit of money.
  11. 30andout

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    The attorney I am presently working with gets nothing if we loose and a third if we win. I have been told the teamsters attorneys get $300 for a lost case and a third for a win. Aren't they generous????
  12. beatupbrown

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    Getting into the machinery of the work comp can be dangerous to your health.
    If you have a major injury you must get a work comp laywer,see a doctor suggested by the attorney .
    You must understand what you are going trough is normal they fight a lot of major claims it cost UPS money .Liberty Mutual is a company that makes money on not treating people.
    The health care system is crazy in USA .A company that is suppose to take care of your health care ,and make money those two things do not work together. We are one the richest countries in the world and do not have some type of health care system that takes care of all people.:crying:
  13. Anon

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    When my work comp issue started with UPS I called my local and was told go hire your own attorney there is nothing we can do for you.
  14. porter

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    I had years of fighting UPS for my herniated disc claim..eventually I sued them into civil court and won...It's very important for you to have one specific date when you felt that excruciating pain on your foot..pick one and stick to it! Or else you will loose your hearing at the local BWC; Making it real hard to overturn..You must find a good attorney that knows the laws..Plus never ever think management is your friend..anything you say will be twisted and used against you..
  15. Fred/Maria

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    Who is your attorney?
    I have 2 herniated disks and just had fusion surgery from a work injury.
  16. Anon

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    That's a pretty good settlement Cach. If you don't mind me asking what is your total impairment rating? I have a 21% disabilty rating from 3 seperate surgeries. I assume you no longer work for UPS? I still do although my cases were never settled as far as pay offs. They are still open cases.
  17. hdkappler

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    call a lawyer and ask questions.one that does workman's compensation.once you call a lawyer the c.m. can't harrass or ask anything.
  18. porter

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    you have to fill out a injury report asap (they hate that) and on that report you must state a day and time and how you injured yourself. that is the key to get workers comp!!!! they will always fight you for it, so you must get a attorney to do it the right way, because if you don't the bureau will chew you up and spit you out at all hearings. As much as i hate attorneys it is a must!!!!
  19. beatupbrown

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    fred how did your fusion go?
  20. Business Man

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    Just more abuse of the system....kinda like FMLA and food stamps.....