Letter of Intent (Feeder)

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    Does anyone have a template for this? There doesn't appear to be any real structure for the letter. I was just wondering if anyone could post an example for me to use, thanks!
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    Just pledge to gain 20 pounds in your first three months and wear cowboy boots with a big belt buckle and your in. Also tell them you solemnly swear allegiance too the feeder gossip network. Your in
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    they are so cute when they are that age.........
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    All we have to do is sign the feeder list at the begin of each year then if there is an opening durning they year the most senior person that signed the list get to accept it or decline and so on done the list till it gets filled.
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    This assumes that you already have your CDL. We have two pkg car drivers who are both fairly high on the seniority list exploring the possibility of going in to feeders. Neither has their CDL.
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    You also have to be able to use a cb and Bluetooth simultaneously.
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    We don't have to have one they will send us to school.
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    from what i understand, you put your name a feeder list, when they need feeder driver they call and there is a 12 week class and it's saturday and sundays, i know of drivers that got there CDL through ups, AND YES THEY ARE IN FEEDERS TODAY ENJOYING EVERYDAY. They gained about 20 pounds lol
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    How new feeder drivers get trained may be different from area to area, but I can give you my experience from my local. I just moved into our feeder department, and I work in a fairly large building with 3 centers, combo workers, and of course part timers. First a list is posted in all 3 centers, then one is(only when drivers are needed) posted for just combo and other fulltimers, then finally part-timers. The most senior employees who sign these lists get will get picked to go into feeders assuming the higher priority lists has been gone through(package car gets first dibs, then combo, then parttimer). When someone moves up to feeders they get one week of non productive training where they learn how to drive the tractor, hook up to trailers, and hook up sets of trailers. During this non productive week the employee is not paid, and only empty trailers are used. The 2nd week the employee goes on the call board and does one week of productive training moving live loads. After the 2nd week is complete the employee gets their shot at taking and completing the state CDL test and will not get to drive again until they pass the test. The 2nd week is a paid week, as is the first week if the employee makes it through their 30 days. I realize not every area does feeder training like this, but I can only relate to my own experiences being a relatively new driver in our local feeder department.
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    Wow !!!!! That hurts 407!!!! we are very sensitive in feeders!!!! I actually went for my DOT today and weighed in at 183 I am 6ft and now in fear of being thrown out of feeders!!! Stopped by donut shop on way home & feeling a little better about myself ...
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    You need to eat alot,B.S alot,be able to smoke,drink coffee and use C.B and down shift at the same time. How do you look in stretchie pants or suspenders??? Also need a library of country music CD's or they won't even talk to Yah !!!!! Good luck !!!!
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    And they run the school once in a blue moon.