Letter Writing Campaign - Replies from Senators

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    After a couple of months, I have finally received a reply from one of the Senators in my state. I think that we should start a list of those Senators, who have replied to us UPS'ers, who are in support of or in opposition to the FAA Reauthorization legislation (which is pretty much on the back-back-back burner right now).

    Although UP$PAC spreads the money around pretty well, I wonder if there will be a marked difference in the amount of $$$ [-]given[/-] donated to a particular Senator/party. The midterms are coming up next year, get ready for the mud.

    State - Maryland
    Senator - Mikulski
    Party - Democrat
    Status - In favor of equal treatment
    Miscellaneous - Form letter, not hand signed, my name is spelled wrong

    No reply from Senator Cardin (MD-D).