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    In our center we are being forced to start 25minutes so that we can write a letter to to our elected officials regarding the legislation with FDX and the NLRB. I'll take the free 25 minutes and good luck making me write a letter. I'm a grown adult I know how to contact my elected officials if I so choose to do so.

    Whats next is UPS going to come vote with me on election day and help me vote for the their candidate....
  2. dannyboy

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    So you are saying you refuse to work as instructed?

  3. porkwagon

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    Management and teamsters are encouraging us to write letters to our congressmen on this issue but they are not forcing anyone
  4. Grumpy Steward

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    I was told tonight that letter writing is mandatory. Good luck with that. I'm not writing anything. Politics aside, it is absolutely wrong for your employer to force you to write a letter of this kind.
  5. hudson

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    you are looking at it all wrong. consider it job security. spending 25 minutes writing a letter could mean 25 more years working at UPS.
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    I am sure you can politly decline. We were told we will be able to write the ltters on the clock. However I did not get the sence it was mandatory.
    If you are not that worried about the future of UPS I am sure you dont need to be bothered with the letter.
  7. dannyboy

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    If you have a legit reason for not writing it, I am sure UPS will not force the issue. But from your post, its more of a "I'm stuborn thing" instead of something you actually have a conviction against.

    But as a practical matter, I am sure that the powers that be understand that a form letter such as what UPS is getting you all to write is pretty meaningless. And those letters end up in the great circular file in DC.

    What ever happened to UPS being green anyway? 450,000 employees, times 4 papers and 4 envelopes each........ Heck, thats a whole mountain side of trees....:wink2:

    Funny how you want to let people think you are green, but only when it suits the suits.

  8. TheDick

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    WOOOHOOOO free money!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    25 minutes x 260000 FT employees = 6.5 million minutes = 108,333 hours. Average hourly rate at UPS is probably around $20/hour. This letter writing campaign will cost $2.17 million dollars. Not counting all the PT'ers they will make do it as well, and not counting all the cost to produce all those wonderful videos on UPSers.com.
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  10. iowa boy

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    What ever happened to UPS being green anyway? 450,000 employees, times 4 papers and 4 envelopes each........ Heck, thats a whole mountain side of trees....:wink2:

    Funny how you want to let people think you are green, but only when it suits the suits.


    But remember danny, we did have that green calendar made this year, so we are now allowed to use the extra paper we saved for this letter writing campaign.:happy-very:
  11. Just Numbers

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    For years I've always heard and read about how we could crush our competition if they played the game on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. UPS and the teamsters are encouraging all UPSer's to write letters to THOSE REPRESENTATIVES WHO ACTUALLY HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE LAWS TO LEVEL THAT PLAYING FIELD. Now I read comments about not writing letters because "I don't want to!" Reads like a three year old minus the stamping of the feet. Bottom line...you need to help Ups any way you can during this economic mess even if it means writing letters. Lets get real already and realize that for every 10 people you see during the day...1 is unemployed and would love to have your job to support their family!
  12. Roll Tide Roll

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    Received a DIAD message today from our center asking for volunteers to write letters. I assume it's not mandatory.
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  13. Delivered

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    We crush the competition everyday as it is. UPS Made $3 Billion last year, just think of the extra customers that we could serve and the profit to be made if we could start 25 minutes early to go serve our customers. Not send my senator and congressperson a pretty UPS picture where we all have colored inside the lines like good little boys and girls...
  14. brownmonster

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    Good point. If volume is so low why do we still start so damn late.
  15. FedEX 4 Life

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    UPS is crushing Fedex so what good is writing a letter going to do?
  16. Just Numbers

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    Because Senators make the rules you have to live by! Next time you bitch about your taxes...write them a letter!
  17. Just Numbers

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  18. Baba gounj

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    I would be honored to send an envelope to my senators, except it won't have a letter in it.
  19. cachsux

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    Hey buddy no reason to come on here and threaten people like that.
  20. chev

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    FYI. This is a campaign started by the Teamsters and will benefit us ALL if it passes in the Senate as it already has in Congress. I will be happy to do my part to secure jobs and "level the playing field". Come on. We are being paid to do this. It's not like we are being asked to do this on our own time. I personally do not plan on using any "form" letter. :wink2:

    I know a few Senators I would like to send something other than a letter as well. Moist excrement comes to mind. :happy-very: