Liberal Democrats of California run the worst state

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  1. So, I was reading about the worst and best run states in the USA. California at the very bottom-debt and all the rest. Highest cost of living, state income tax, on and on.....why would democrats overwhelmingly re-elect over and over this philosophy? BTW- I don't consider Arnold a Republican. The people of California have green-lighted(with veto proof majorities) an assured bankruptcy of the state. Anyone care to explain the strong need to pay the highest taxes, highest cost of living and degradation of rights and freedom?
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    You couldnt pay me to live on the Left coast
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    They seem like the kind of people who could spend 30 years in a well paying job and still never save any money.
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    As soon as someone explains to me why Gov.Moonbeam still wants a bullet train !!!

  5. 32 years. Please be accurate when disparaging/belittling me.
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    I'm sure Illinois was right there on that list also.

  7. Hey, I've tried to kick my wife to the curb and my kid but just couldn't do it. That darn charitable giving......Sad and pathetic....

  8. Sure was....
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    Arizona too, they were 4th from the bottom. Damn liberals...
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    You'd make a good Californian :wink2:

  11. Nah, I'm American...
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    Remember, liberal democrats control all of the ghettos and gang areas in this nation. Republicans can't win there.
    Unless someone wants to tell me where this statement is wrong.
    And don't say that some nice area is governed by liberal Dems, I know some are.
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    I guess while Californians are so insistent on using central power to rule everywhere else Americans live, their own store is being run by their own elected Nazis. Think we can get TOS to give us his best Seig Heil?

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    If you dont live here, then you couldnt possibly understand how this state runs. Look, we had reagan first who jacked up the state, then Deukmejian then Pete Wilson, all three of these morons SCREWED california.

    Pete Wilson (R) the worst of them all, with his dealings with ENRON to rip off california consumers.

    Brown is bringing california back!...

    Old people may not want trains, but "MOBILE" young people do.

    Maybe if they stream fox news on the trains, we can get moreluck off the couch and off this board.

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    It's well-established that getting a medical marijuana card in California is not difficult. Technically, the California Department of Public Health lists only 11 approved conditions, such as HIV-AIDS, cachexia (wasting syndrome) and cancer. But the list creates a near infinite loophole for those wanting to qualify for a pot access card by also including the qualifying stipulation of "any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that either substantially limits a person’s ability to conduct one or more of major life activities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or if not alleviated, may cause serious harm to the person’s safety, physical, or mental health."
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    Do you have a point? Like I said, there will be fraud just like there is with other medicines. If you think it's hard to get a script for pain medicine, it's only because you don't know which doctor to go to. At least cannabis isn't addicting.
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    P.O.S., when your history positivly has to be rewritten overnight.
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    "At least cannabis isn't addicting." (dido)


    "Even though the physiological effects of cannabis withdrawal are generally mild, it is not correct to conclude that marijuana is not addictive, because being addicted to something is more than simply being physically dependent on a drug and experiencing physiological effects if the drug is stopped suddenly. “Addiction” refers to behaviors that are compulsive, partially out of control or worse, and often escalating in severity and intensity."