Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Written by aristocratic slave owners. I am interested in the fact you created a new thread.

    Did you realize I was speaking of modern capitalism in the other thread and not, something ala Adam Smith.

    Small business and entrepreneur spirit died quite a while ago, while the numbers reflect a slow death.
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    Life liberty and pursuit was meant to limit size and scope of govt, overall.
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    Not to mention, "their creator" didnt mean GOD or Christianity. In "Creator", the founders meant "MOTHER EARTH" and NOT some space God living in the atmosphere with rare communications with bushes or humans.

    The founders took special precautions NOT to include any religion at all into our governmental system, and its the current "taliban" style christians who want to force Christianity on all americans.

    Unfortunately, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness didnt apply to slaves or people of color when it was written.

    The founding documents were flawed "instruments" and history shows it had to be amended to correct the err's within it.


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    In "Creator", the founders meant "MOTHER EARTH" ...
    The Founding Fathers were either Christians or Deists or Atheists.
    I've never read anything about Gaia or Mother Earth by the Founding Fathers.
    Most of the Gaia theories were developed over the last one-hundred years by non-scientists and were not around for the FF to latch onto.

    The founding documents were flawed "instruments" ...
    They strongly believed that and constructed the Constitution and Government form to slowly evolve over time.
    None of them anticipated nor wanted the Judicial Court branch of government to be the means to evolve the US government.
    Allowing that to happen was perhaps the biggest flaw in their founding documents.
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    So, if i understand you correctly, allowing the courts to decide the progressive nature of the USA was a bigger flaw than the selling of humans beings for 10 dollars a head?

    Somehow, I think you have your priorities backwards.


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    My point is that unelected people (judges) invent laws in what is supposed to be a democratic republic where lawmakers who are elected by the people, and therefore accountable to the people, are intended to make the laws.
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    Kinda like a mod?????
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    I ve,

    BC is not a democratic form of government.

    Would you like for BC to become a government?

    Who would you like to see president?

    In your opinion and based upon your experience with the culture at BC; what is needed and therefore desired?



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    I nominate wkmac for BC president.... he's the only one I trust not to tax me.
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    His posts and links tax my attention.
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    Maybe (and this may be blasphemous to some) the Founding Fathers were wrong.

    I make that statement in order to suggest this: we are free to steer the country in whatever direction we so choose regardless the writings of men centuries ago. If that means unelected judges making law or billion dollar companies and individuals buying elections, then so be it. Just because God and the Founding Fathers gave us the gift of freedom in no way suggests that we have the maturity to exercise the responsibility to maintain that gift. Take a look around. Our collective actions form a clear impression that we are less than worthy.
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    I think the Founding Fathers would be quite dissatisfied with the current state of affairs...

    (Not because of ObamaCare, people please)...

    Whatever "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" meant to them back then, it doesn't IMO match the reality today.

    As aristocratic (and rich) as the FF were, I can't help but think that they would frown on the complete lock that money has on our current government. I think they would be confused at the almost complete dis-function of the 2013 government.

    As Hoax said, they did their level best to construct a government with appropriate checks and balances so that we could escape the monarchy and build 'a more perfect union', but these days 'monarchy' has been replaced with 'plutocracy'. The system they created isn't quite working, not because it's a flawed system, but because unfettered money has altered the game, with increasingly cascading results.

    And so it goes...