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    The battle of the common man . It is life long. The real community is built on the working man. The guy who is the cop, the fireman , the truck driver. You dig , scrape , sweat , worry . You bargain for wage increases . You strike for your retirement . You pay your dues .They try to squeeze every drop of life you have . They even go after your dignity but you get out with that in tact.... Another first of the month and another check from the fund thats critical . Such a good feeling . You have no say in the contract . Your deal was give , give , give . We will take , take , take . And then , don't worry , we will take care of you. It was so easy to make promises when you were giving and they were taking without hesitation . I would like to hear of someone out there who is working as hard as I did at giving , at fulfilling the promises of giving it back .
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    A new game?
    Try and guess what the OP is attempting to say?
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    LOL.... I just re read the post. I can see the ramblings of a mad man , dozing in and out of sleep as I tried to post... uh.. some point that was on my mind. .. I will quote a famous labor man to perhaps clear up some confusion and restore credibility. "You see , without hard work and responsibility , there is no American Dream. Hard work lays the foundation. Our solidarity makes work pay- for all of us. For the greater good. Thats what our vision of shared prosperity is all about."
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    Animal rescue(2 days a week) library(1 day a week).
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    What ya smokin bra

    Whatever it is ya might wanna ease up
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    I'm good , thanks... if you look objectively at the majority of the post on the brown cafe , the half asleep post makes more sense than a lot of em.