Load Planning DIADs


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Not long ago I remember hearing about how ramp operations were getting some tech to replace the load confirmation worksheets. Basically, topside loaders would have their own handheld device to scan the position and container, the ramp load supervisor would have their own which would show what the topside has verified and what the Load Planner has planned. I'm sure SDF is probably using these by now. Any info on when they are going to start moving around to other gateways?


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we have been told that we are getting them in a month or so. have noticed new barcode decals in the jets, and all the cans have brand new barcode stickers as well.

its about time IMO, pen and paper verification is dumb, especially when slinging a clipboard from topside down to the ground. we do enjoy trying to hit the sup in the head with the cipboard though


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W&B is still printed and signed. Just no more bundles of paperwork full of sloppy handwriting from topside worksheets. Also gone are the lengthy read-backs after the load is complete.

Yes, LTP is amazing.

And here comes ALP to screw it all up....

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Good news about the abolition of the read-back. It would be nice if the final loadsheet also was electronic. Maybe LTP 2.0?