Load vs. Unload


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I started on the Midnight Sort loading trailers in a Hub. I would think that you would get less hours in the unload, and more time loading outbound trailers. Both jobs are hard work.


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Plus there's almost 0 responsibility involved. No misloads, mistoggles or any of that. Loading is too tedious for me, I can only go as fast as my scanner lets me go. Unload I just keep a nice pace since the flow of boxes is constant. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

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Done practically every possible job at a hub. In my case it depended on how I felt that particular day.

Unloading: set your own pace, slightly less physically demanding due to having gravity on your side, usually less hours, slightly more dangerous could have boxes from poorly built walls fall on you.

Loading: uneven flow causes wait or go go go periods, sense of accomplishment how many packages you can fit in the trailer or having built a tight final wall in the trailer and putting the load strap or bar tight against it so the is no way the packages will shift fall causing damages, like playing Tetris.
I have been doing load for the past 2 months, and move to unload in august.. What is so bad about unload?? I keep hearing that it is a stupid move.. May be, but right now, I am just seasonal, the load position will not be seasonal..
Unloading is bad but you don't have to think and do not have to worry about missloads. You do your job and leave with no worry about being yelled at the next day. To me the worst job was loading brownies on the pre-load. I never had a problem with drivers but with the PT managers complaining about stop counts and production. I now do ODC and sort.


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My thing about unload is that you never whats behind the doors, I hated opening the door just to have 50 packages fall on top of you, of having to use the extendo to push the door open because the packages fell against the door and blocked it from opening it. When I was in the load they just put me in a feeder and left me alone, I kept my load down and they did not throw SALTS on me or anything else that is irritating to loaders, the only thing I hated about the load was the jams.


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I used to load and then double on the unload. I enjoyed unloading more. No one yelling to clean your trailer, not having to worry about more than one trailer, and no misloads. I think loading would even be a bigger pain now. When I used to load, we didnt have to worry about scanning packages. Scanners seem like they would be a pain.