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    I'm currently a loader and an air driver (Saturdays and some weekdays). There are some bids up for full time driving positions, and I was thinking about putting my name in. I need to make more money for my family, but I feel a little apprehensive about the change. Would I lose my seniority pay for loading? If I cover for other drivers, is there a guarantee to get a 40/hr week? I realize I would not start out with my own route.

    Thanks in advance.
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    All your questions depend upon your location and the supplement you fall under. You would have to speak to your steward or BA as to your exact situation.
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    First off you don't say where you are from. The contract varies from area to area. You need to talk to your steward about it. Your steward will have the most accurate details.
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    Sign up for ALL bid sheets! This past week I signed up for "porter". We have one porter and she has been there since UPS was formed (well close). She may be out one day and they need someone to fill in. If I didn't sign the sheet then I can't file if someone below me fills in one day. I have no desire to be a porter but I don't pass up ANY bid sheet.