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    im probably going to be hired as an unloader/loader. when is the best time to do these? aka best shift where it is easiest lol. thanks. btw, on average, what is the weight of the packages being unloaded/loaded? thanks again.
  2. MonavieLeaker

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    The best time to do it is up to you.....1 lb to 150 lbs.....Anything over 70 youre required help with
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    both would vary greatly at location BTW even on the easy shifts its not a lazy job so dont go in thinking its going to be cake
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    The average is probably only 20-25 pounds, but you will get bad stretches where it seems like everything is 50+.

    Good luck.
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    Nothing is easy.
    You will work your butt off.
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    I'm starting to think ATATBL is on to something here... Seems like 16 is just a magic number for UPS, especially when people ask subjective questions.
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    When I interviewed as part of a group, we were told the average package is about 8lbs. The problem is you never get an average package. Most air is under a pound and everything else is 16+.
    Also, no easy shifts, although the overnight here gets away with a lot more because good help for that shift is hard to find. I chose preload because the hours worked for me. It also turns out to be one of the coolest shifts, temperature wise.

  10. Kraetos

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    For my hub we only have two shifts. Night shift is the easiest but they get the least hours. Pre-Load is hard, but it has the best workers and best people, sups and hour-lies.