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    Ive been driving now for 20+ years. I am either getting less patient or just more irritable as I age. Almost daily, my loads are pathetic. I even take photos now just to have proof of the horror I face on a regular basis. I KNOW the loaders are stressed and pushed, but many things can be done to help a driver have a better day. I repeatedly (and very politely) ask my loader to please face labels so I can read them. He just doesn't get it. It is as if he makes an effort to do the opposite. The loads are a joke compared to my loads of earlier years. 150lb packages face down in the floor, bulk stops (each box 40lbs) all in the shelf. The loading of OBVIOUS damaged packages. Daily misloads, and seemingly not even making an attempt to place packages in sequence. He is undoubtedly one of the worst loaders I have had. Thank God, they are promoting to part time preload supervisor so he can tell other loaders how to do their job!
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    How long has your loader been at UPS? If he's been there for 3 years or less. Just remember he's not making a whole lot of money. Now I'm not sure how many packages he's loading either. Some load 600, and for those people the load quality should be perfect! But then again, some are loading 1100 plus. Those might not be top notch, but they shouldn't be too crazy either. Reality speaking most people could care less, about the loading job. At our hub, the head supervisor will come over and yell out we're done wrap it up. Everything in, Everything put away! Of course we still have an hour flow of boxes coming down. So you put it in the big bulk stop, and then you get the famous "2000, or 3000 shelf boxes" But can't get there anymore because you listened to your supervisor. Therefore you just 'throw it in per-say'. Causing a complete and utter mess.

    You can always request a new loader, and if everyone wants to avoid your car, then maybe it's not the loader we should be worried about. haha but that's another conversation all together.
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    Just think all any of it means is your gonna be out later which means $$$$$$$.
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    SPC, SPM, AM, PM, SPORH, etc go up every year; so does preloader PPH. The reason why loads get worse and worse is obvious.
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    I've been loading package cars for 5 years now. I started out during peak. I must admit the loader should be able to put the labels either facing up or to the front. Everyday im loading anywhere between 1000 - 1250 packages between 3 routes stuffed into a 3.5 or less day. I agree sometimes i will have a 1300 box behind a 1400 box but in my opinion that isnt a bad load. I never have missloads, and never have a 8000 box in the 6000 section.

    I wouldnt say im the best because there are people that load it stop for stop regardless of what the pal says. But i will atleast ask every driver I load for if there is a certain spot he/she would like certain packages to go. But i've found that most of the drivers no matter how the truck is loaded they are still never satisfied. When i jumped during peak i always went out with 1 of the drivers i loaded so it gave me a whole new appreciation for how the load comes off rather than on.

    To me it seems you are one of those drivers who are never happy no matter what your load looks like. When your loader actually has a good load, do you say thank you? do you say nice job? or do you always yell at the guy because he "isnt good enough"? How about 1 friday bring in an orange juice for him? or stop at mcd's and get him a dollar breakfast sandwich, and then see what your load looks like on the following day.

    Your right, we are stressed because we have supervisors telling us to do it this way, then the drivers telling us to do it another way. We have so many packages that we deal with that it will never be "perfect" every day, but with some encouragement from the drivers we can try our best to make them happy. I load for the driver, not the supervisor. To me they are just there to supervise, the driver tells us what we can do to make it better.

    Sorry for the long post, it's not just to you but to every driver out there that reads this. Try to encourage your loaders, the supervisors never do. The preload supervisor just wants all the packages into the right truck.
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    Most drivers, myself included, don't expect a perfect load as we all know this isn't possible. Some loaders care about the job that they do and others just don't care. When I have a good loader the truck is organized, not perfect, but organized. When I have a loader that doesn't care, I will find a T-shirt bag PAL'ed to say '6135' loaded behind a couple of 50 pound boxes back at the end of the 6000 shelf, or will find this package at the end of the 7000 section after you have already been to the house and sheeted it 'not found'.

    These are just two examples out of thousands that come up when dealing with a loader that doesn't care. We have one loader who drove for almost a month and had to DQ himself and now he is one of the worst loaders in the building because he doen't give a hoot even though he knows how the truck should be set up.

    I know the loaders have a stressful job loading and im not trying to take anything away from that, but when you fight your load all day and hunt for packages all day because the loader doesn't care, it makes for a long day.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Just curious, how many of you drivers tip your preloader at Christmas?
  8. iowa boy

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    I would if I had the same preloader for more than 3 days at a time.
  9. curiousbrain

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    In my own limited experience, the honest reality is that when loading ~1300 packages a day, in the span of 3.5 hours, even when the loader *thinks* they have it in the right spot, they don't - the reason they don't notice is because they have sweat pouring down their face, buzzers going off, supervisors yelling, belts/boxlines running, trucks starting, and so many other things that it is occasionally difficult to think straight. More often than not, it is because they have too many boxes at that point in time to deal with without making mistakes.

    Anyone who has been a runner knows what it's like to find a box 2 or 3 (or more) hours after the time you were supposed to find it (in a roundabout way, obviously); despite that, it still doesn't change how hot they run on preload - and it just goes up every year. Most preloaders try and care, but as I am fond of telling drivers who complain about their loads and try to tell me how to supervise the shift: "Hey, we start at 5am; come in and show me how." Funny thing is, the few that do show up (because they got a DUI or some other thing), are speechless at how absurd it is, and the only thing they can do is what most preloaders do - quit caring at a certain point, and just do what you can.

    There is no difference between a driver who, when their route is a disaster and the planned day is off by a ton, follows the methods and lets the pieces land where they may - and the preloader who, when their area is a disaster and their PPH is off by a ton, follows the methods and lets the pieces land where they may.
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  10. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    I am not pointing fingers, or making any other statement than if you work preload in a tiny center like mine, you appreciate your loader.
  11. Gonzo0082

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    Like i said, ever think about your loader? Ever bring him in a donut from 711 when you stop on your way to work to get the same cup of coffee every morning? a bagel? a piece of toast? how about a cookie? how about when it's 100 degrees out at 830am when you get to work ever stop at the cooler to get your loader a cup of water after you just walked in and complaining about how hot it is and how your day might be hell before you even look at your truck?

    All im saying is, wouldnt you rather have a loader that will take the extra 5 sec every time he puts that 1700 package in your truck to make sure its after 1600? Isnt there a saying dont mess with the people who handle your food? The same applies here, Dont mess with the person who "handles" your day.

    As an experiment, when your on your way to work on monday and stop at dunkin donuts, think of your loader that has been up for the past 4 hours who probably didnt eat breakfast and get him a glazed donut. Heck even a plain one, then see how your load is the next day. If they care they will try to make it better and if not, then ask for another loader who does care.
  12. brownmonster

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    This one does and I don't give him enough.
  13. Indecisi0n

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    Contract says we don't lift 150+lb packages.
  14. curiousbrain

    curiousbrain Well-Known Member

    I want to work in that building.
  15. moreluck

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    What does it say about her sitting on your lap?
  16. i give my preloader a 50 dollar gift card every 6 months! kid does a great job. i handle 450 500 pieces a day and neva have a problem. take care of your preloader and theyll do there best to take care of you!
  17. splozi

    splozi Guest

    If a driver brought me a donut, I'd take it so as not to appear rude. But honestly, how can people eat donuts before OR after doing this kind of work? That's terrible "food" in such a condition. I'd kill for a bottle of cold oj though.

    When I joined this forum last peak, I learned that some drivers actually gave their (good) loaders tips for Christmas. I got kind of excited, but yeah, nothing. All I get is compliments. Too bad I can't buy alcohol with that.
  18. Gonzo0082

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    I was saying give a donut not because it's healthy, but because its cheap and just an idea.

    I've had drivers bring me coffee when its cold out, had some bring me oj, had some tip during peak, and had some that never do anything. I load all of them the same regardless if they give me anything or not. I get paid by the company to do a job and i do it to the best of my ability. Drivers dont even need to give the loaders anything, except maybe a nice job at least every once in awhile. The drivers that say nothing to the loaders to help them out, that dont show up until the loader is gone every day, or that dont encourage the loader to do anything more than just put the packages in the car, shouldnt complain about the loader.
  19. TearsInRain

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    there is zero incentive for the loader to do anything except load his trucks quickly and get out the door asap

    are you surprised by the results of that?
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    We :hi5::hi5:Love logistics