Loadin' up a bowl of that good homegrown :censored:

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by soberups, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Yep. I'm gonna kick back on the couch tonight and load me up a nice big bowl of some good homegrown :censored2:.:happy-very: My grow operation is going nuts. We had our first ripe cherry tomato on June 30th this year, which beat our old record by almost 2 weeks. This time last year we only had a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes, no big ones, and only a couple of cukes. What you see in the basket is what we picked today, we have already given away at least that many cucumbers to friends and neighbors. We have also picked a couple of bell peppers. Life is good when you can load up a bowl of good homegrown :censored2:.
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    Yep that time of year. I told the wife this weekend good thing he has a few weeks off from school in August. Gonna be a lot of canning to do.
  3. rod

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    I tried to grow some good :censored2: years ago but the rabbits ate it
  4. Gumby

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    Shoot the rabbits and make some rabbit :censored2: stew!!
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    Our tomatoes are delish this year. I like to toast a bagel (plain or wheat) , spread on cream cheese, thick sliced tomatoes, diced sweet onion and sprinkle on lemon-pepper.(open-face)
    Best lunch for me.
    Just add diced onion and the lemon-pepper
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    That is a bounty of good scheeeittt. Waiting 2-3 weeks for squash and tomatoes to bloom.
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    ​The deer got mine. I know,I know..... Deer :censored2: stew. Lol
  8. Buck Fifty

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    ​No bogarting my brother.
  9. scratch

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    I planted the usual tomatoes, green peppers, and some herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley. I have too many tomatoes right now, my wife made some homemade sauce the other day. For something different this year, I planted some corn, pole beans, broccoli, turnip greens, and lettuce. I don't think the corn and lettuce are getting enough sun, they aren't doing so well. The turnip greens never sprouted out of their seeds, and the broccoli has to be picked at a certain time. I also planted one watermelon and one cantaloupe plant, my son ran over them with the lawnmower.

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    1st time I ever planted pumpkin, it amazed me.

    That vine can grow very very fast.

    Watermellon goes grows quick, but not like pumpkin.

    Pumpkins can also get real big.[​IMG]

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