Loading/unloading......So is that what everybody was saying was hard?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MuscleSpasm, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. MuscleSpasm

    MuscleSpasm Banned

    I got hired last week, and I worked my first day off training yesterday. They made me load and unload. To tell you the truth............IT WAS EASY! Nothing was physically hard about it for me. I loaded 4000 packages in one shift (5 hours). My supervisor was very shocked. He said he never saw or heard of anyone doing this before. He said if I keep it up he'll do everything in his power to make me start driving those brown package cars. Some guy who has been working there a while a told me that I might not feel any pain now, but I will eventually get hit hard down the road with a serious injury if I continue at this pace. I ignored him because I knew he was just jealous. So yeah, the supervisor really seemed to like me. Do you think he'll help me become a driver soon. I want to become a package delivery driver within a year. I'm 18 yrs old between.
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  3. barnyard

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    Nice troll.
  4. cosmo1

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  5. MuscleSpasm

    MuscleSpasm Banned

    Uhhh? Hello everyone. I'm new here.
  6. Justaname

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    First off I'm gonna say troll because your entire first post is completely retarded. Now, I'm sure you're fast and that's great. Injuries will occur because your joints will start to give (in time). Your supervisor can't do anything to make you a driver faster because its seniority based. Besides if he's a pt sup he's probably only been there a week longer than you. To make your 30 days keep your pace up, but after that focus on staying safe ( you can still be productive). To be honest the arrogance in your first post is the type that don't stick around.
  7. MuscleSpasm

    MuscleSpasm Banned

    Ok thanks for the advice. Sorry if I came off as arrogant. I didn't meant it.
  8. MuscleSpasm

    MuscleSpasm Banned

    Why does everybody think I'm a troll? Whats going on on this site?
  9. TooTechie

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  10. ibleedbrown

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    you have to be at least 21 years old to be a driver. keep up the good work, use your power zone, give labels up, don't stack. don't get into any accidents or get any driving tickets. a few months before your 21st bday start hitting up your human resources office and ask for all the details you need to start driving and to get your name on the list. you will most likely have to start off seasonal. in the meantime sign up for any and all driver helper lists to get a feel for the job.
  11. TearsInRain

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  12. MuscleSpasm

    MuscleSpasm Banned

    Say what........?
  13. DS

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    First of all,welcome to the bc.Not everyone thinks you are,but some have become a tad jaded over the years.
    I myself prefer not to refer to there people as trolls.
    The sup that told you that is a total liar.He has no control over how fast you become a driver.In fact, he is misleading you into believing this so will continue to work like an animal so he can look good on paper.
    You are young, and life is long,take things that doubters say with a grain of assault.
  14. Brownslave688

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    Lol that was my first thought too.

    To the OP can't drive til your 21.

    also depending on your center it could be 10+ years before u get a chance to drive.
  15. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Don't mind most of these guys. They don't believe in giving people a fair trial before sending them to the gallows.
    Good luck with your journey at UPS.
  16. Dude you need to work safer, if you continue in your current ways you will be one giant MuscleSpasm.
  17. I will say good luck on making book, and join the union when you can.
  18. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Bub Bye..Troll
  19. Boysie8706

    Boysie8706 Member

    The guy that's been there awhile that you think is jealous of you is experienced, you should listen to him.
  20. MuscleSpasm

    MuscleSpasm Banned

    Is there any other good paying jobs in UPS besides truck driver?

    That pays $15 or more. Besides supervisor. And is it true that its easy to become supervisor at UPS? And how long would it take me to become one? Although I have no desire to become one. What about those fat guys who drive the carts with a lot of packages and irregulars on it? How much do they get paid?

    Also, hiw exactly do you gain hub seniority? Is it solely based on how long you've been working there for and not your performance or attendances or how hard you've worked?

    I'm planning to work really hard for 40 days so I can make it into the union. Once I join the union I start working at a normal pace and start valueing my body parts and make it my number one priority to stay injury free no matter what.
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