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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by AlwaysChafed, May 20, 2013.

  1. AlwaysChafed

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    Anyone on here from the area? What's the word?

    We have three part time guys driving at our Center and I'm trying to obtain information to support a No.

    The way I'm reading the TA is part timers will move to the 30/35. UpStateNYer typed that unless we are part of the pension plan, we aren't getting anything. As far as I know, I'm definitely not getting a pension. I don't think the other guys are either. One has had his seniority date for about a year.

    One partner said he through away his ballot and said he never looks at the stuff Teamsters sends him. I find this a big problem and to be honest I was doing the same thing until I logged into here a few days ago. I told him it wasn't the ballot but when it does come, save it!
  2. Brown_Star

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    Received your ballot already? Anyone else?
  3. upsman666

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    Vote No. The TeamCare proposal is unacceptable.
  4. AlwaysChafed

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    No no! He thought he received it, I told him it was the TA pamphlet. I'll ask everyone tomorrow if they received anything.
  5. BrownSmoke

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    I'm in 17, still haven't heard anything or seen anything on the union board about there even being a TA, definitely not the easiest to get information. Talked to our main steward tonight and he's been out on vacation for 2 weeks so didn't have much information but said he would look into it. I know our normal union meeting was moved from May 12 to the 5th so that would have been before TA details were out. Unfortunately I can't make those as I drive Saturday air. All I've received in the mail has been the UPSDate mailer from nationals.
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    On the right side of the screen is the national and supplemental TAs.