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    Got a call from someone who is getting bits and pieces of benefit changes..Sounds like it will be Medical 80/20 like a the traditional plan years ago in network with 70/30 out of network..I believe that rx will also be 80/20..Higher deductibles etc.etc..Well again as I said in a previous thread, well before I retired UPS wanted us to change (which I did) to a plan other than the traditional one. Ok. Ups tells me that I must be on the new plan for four yrs prior to my retirement so when I do , I carry these same benefits with me into retirement along with mail order Rx service..

    In the meantime UPS again makes Billions in profits each and every year thereafter. Now we come to 2013 and they want to whitle the benefits down instead of at least maintaining what we currently have. Anyone who accepts these givebacks will someday be asked again to give back more, so much for planning for retirement when you think you know what to expect just to have them changed.. UPS will continue to make Billions which is great, so if the company is profitable......WHY I ask WHY, must the benefits be lowered?? If UPS was losing $$ like the auto industry then I can see givebacks or at least temporary pay cuts to go into effect to save the company.. Ups is not in that bad a shape..

    Let's see how much more Ups makes in 2014 if the members vote to agree to line the pockets of shareholders who of course could care less about the Drivers, loaders and feeder guys who make this all happen on a daily basis. You can only thank yourselves when someday you will be like me any many other retirees wondering why you would give back something that you worked so hard and long for...By that time you will be lucky to have any benefits, if you do your spouse will more than likely not be covered and your children will be also out in the cold. Forget about dental and vision also. Ups will someday be over run with P/Ter's with benefits more than likely worse than McDonalds...Many of us have seen the path UPS has been on, and they step on anyone who is in the way to their goal of pleasing the Shareholders:money:
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    Was on the site earlier, must of came up later..Just passing on what I knew at the time. Now all can see the shaft for themselves. Thanks
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    Just got a call from one of the clerks in 177, said most that he knows will be voting no..........on National and local ....He will be forced to retire before the end of the year or be placed on Teamcare........
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    Whoever voted yes on this contract is out of their mind. I cannot believe that the Local Union 177 Teamsters officials in Hillside NJ would actually support this garbage. How dare they. Absolutely no condiseration for current retirees as well as current dues paying members. I've said it before and I'll say it again. What goes around comes around brother. Someday it's going to be your turn.
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    I agree. I've got almost 13 yrs under my belt and I've got like 500 yrs. left before I can retire. Ok, well maybe not 500 but a long time. I voted no,mainly because of our healthcare and retirees. They should be ashamed of us if this passes.
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    When is election time? Can't be soon enough.