Local 251 LM2's 2013...

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  1. 251

    251 You know me...

    -$42,463 For the year

    -431 members in 2 years (Jojo did not list membership for 2012...wonder why?)

    Brothers, don't fret over those numbers. The new leadership has made up for yearly deficit of the previous administration in three months with about a 20k overage.

    NAHHHH...no reform was needed here. Stinky, RIH251 and POS from 251 (PERFECT name for you by the way) I thought these TDU punks were going to bankrupt the union? What happens now?
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    Where's Stink to defend this?
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    This was just another Old Guard local that couln't seem to manage its finances.
    Maybe that's why they switched to reformers.