LOCAL 396 BUSINESS AGENTS walking around hubs saying "EVEN IF"....

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Other Side, May 24, 2013.

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    Local 396 business agents are walking around the hubs telling members that "EVEN IF" the ALL the West states vote down the contract, it will still pass!

    Agent Cornejo has been heard telling members that it doesnt matter whether "WE" like the contract or not, because the rest of the country will pass it for us. What does this say about the representation of local 396?

    It sounds like R. H has been in a bit too long, and he has sold out to the IBT instead of the members that elected him. If this is the talk at the agent level, then talk at the executive level has inspired this sentiment.

    If this contract does pass and the Local membership rejects this agreement, then then next step will be to VOTE OUT the H Administration for NOT REPRESENTING the positions of the members that put him into office.

    WE DO NOT ACCEPT, LIKE or SUPPORT this T.A. and its our intention to VOTE IT DOWN.

    The LOCAL leadership at all levels have failed to listen to the members and they STILL refuse to hold a contract meeting exclusively for the members of UPS. What they will do, is schedule a meeting AFTER the ballots have been in homes for a week.

    This is horrible representation at best.

    VOTE NO.


  2. smart girl

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    Well print some flyers up and hand them out. Go to Vote No on UPS contract on Facebook join the rest
    of us getting the message out. People will decide what they want with facts not questions. Google it and should take you there
  3. cachsux

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    Where do you guys elect your union representatives from, trailer parks?
  4. anonymous6

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    cajones? not.
  5. newtothis

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    LOCAL 396 BUSINESS AGENTS walking around hubs saying "EVEN IF"....

    Stay strong 396!!!! We have some idiots that to believe this is a good deal. This is far from a good deal.... Rally the troops to get out and vote. This is OUR future at stake.

    Members from 804 in NY will stand by your side
  6. Evil

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    At 396 they most likely come from 18th Street or La Primera. Most of them in the L.A. area are ex-homeboys.
  7. East coast navy

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    177 is too.
  8. Anonymous 10

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    You should start your own 804 agitator thread. You could call it 396 agitator.
  9. Anonymous 10

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    Dude I just spit up my beer. Thanks
  10. Anonymous 10

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    So they grew up in middle class homes with medical that better than 90% of the country? Then they should have said so. I grew up poor in the system and was homeless at the age of 15 so this medical is great to me plus the 100k I made last year. I see it now I'm the problem.
  11. OrangeBeltHero

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    Local 952 prez, and our BA was at the HUB Thursday. I guess we're are going to send a re negotiator. I was unable to make the meeting because I had to watch my two year old niece. From what I understand it was packed no room to sit at the first meeting. I guess it got crazy, pushing of people and the like. I'm not sure who got pushed though.
  12. brostalss

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    Sam is a good guy and all but he's just a pawn for the Teamsters. He's told what to say and report.
  13. iowa boy

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    As it was put to me by a couple of my coworkers, the IBT will have 'yes' bins for the master and each supplement, and a firepit for all the no votes. :beafraid:
  14. Evil

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    I've been notified that everyone in 396 has jumped on the Richard G VOTE NO movement and that Ron H is very worried. Everyone knows the NO vote will win overwhelmingly at Local 396 but the question is whether this NO vote will catapult Richard in displacing Ron from the 396 throne? Ron is very worried. Don't be surprised if he flip-flops and recommends a NO vote just to save his job because members are :censored2: at 396 and Ron is in hiding.
  15. The Other Side

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    Well, I dont agree that Ron is worried, as I see it differently. I believe Ron will springboard out of 396 to the international or another local and attempt to insert Jay P. into office. That will not happen of course, and it will take another UPSer to step up and replace them.

    Rich, unfortunately, isnt that guy.

    His negatives far outweigh his abilities to win elected office. While he is popular amongst his closest circles, once out of his orbit, he is lost in space. NOW, that is NOT to say he is "WRONG" on this contract, to that extent, he is on the money. There are bigger movements working around the hubs and personalities that will be able to handle office, if that becomes the case in the next election cycle.

    While in the short run, RON and the agents may walk around the hubs telling those that will listen to them like puppy dogs that the contract will pass "EVEN IF" all the western states reject this contract, that will NOT be the end of this fight.

    The ultimate end to the H administration and his legacy, will be this contract and its concessions that affect us all in the West.

    Who knows, those people who have differences with H and CO. and other sideline players, will come together and oust Ron and his admin in a convincing vote that will turn out to be a referendum on his lack of concern for the members of local 396.

    On the other hand, Ron, being a politician now, instead of a representative of his members, knows that if he intends on staying in office, he may have to flip and recommend a NO VOTE in an attempt to save his own skin. To this end, you have a point. If HE and his admins feel that the contract will pass even though all the western states reject it, then what does he have to lose by recommending a NO VOTE?

    This could be the play of the day.


  16. 104Feeder

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    Our Local said the same thing, but I think they were giving us the inconvenient truth. For most of the country the CSH&W will be a slight improvement over what they have now. Most of the other locals bargained away their benefits long ago while we in the West fiercely defended our maintenance of standards provision. I don't know 396's leadership but I don't think they should be voted out because they gave you the straight dope on how things are.

    I haven't decided how I'm going to vote yet but I like the idea of giving Andy M a chance at developing a better plan for the West. I think November 1st is probably going to be tight to get it done unless the Company has already compiled the information requested. I can live with the C6 Enhanced plan if we have to and I'd expect something better in 5 years.
  17. ocnewguy

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    Do you really believe that our benefits are going to INCREASE? Slightly delusional thinking.
  18. 3 done 3 to go

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    This is because the big cities will always vote for what the union wants. They will follow even if they have no idea of what's in it. Hell most only come out of the city once or twice a yr. Just like national election.
  19. Newport2

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    ^2up. I 2nd that!
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  20. rpoz11

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    This is what's called a diversion.
    They are not going to tell you what you have or what might be.
    They are going to challenge us all to the Truth.
    It's up to us all to make our Executive Boards fight for us.
    They answer to us.
    In today's world, it appears we are all in a fight to prevent any losses.
    Our Union is not going to do any more than what's necessary.
    ​But they will if we all stand up for ourselves.