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    Here in naples fl a preloader by the name of Rome Robles has been diagnosed with lukemia a SECOND time.

    Rome is in his mid twenties , is married an has two kids, 3 and 9.

    He is currently in the icu due to fevers he keeps developing. Rome is currently unable to work either of his jobs.

    His wife Angela is trying to support the family by working doubles at her job at Cracker Barrel.

    Our center has come to his aid pretty well finically but the one thing that Rome feels is isolated. He feels alone despite all the support since no one but family can visit right now.

    If you would please visit and like his face book page , throw out some encouraging words and invite all your ups FB friends to do the same at this link


    . . . it would be appreciated and would make a world of difference.

    If you'd like to you can donate financially here

    Thanks in advance

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    i hate the internet
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    Works for me

    Not a big deal

    Truly was just looking for the FB page likes but if anyone wants to donate a few bucks click the "about" section on the FB page and there is a link to the go fund me page there
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    Gave the page a like good luck