Local 804 Rally

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    Local 804 Rally
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    <H1 class=title>Local 804 Rally

    [​IMG]Thursday, April 28, 7:45 AM — Nassau Building
    Local 804 members will rally at the Nassau Building on Thurs, April 28 at 7:45 a.m. as part of a Teamster National Day of Action against production harassment at UPS.
    Production harassment is out of control and Local 804 members are standing up to demand respect. We are tired of harassment, 9.5 violations, and management cutting and combining loads. We are fed up with the exhaustion and stress.
    UPS made $5.8 billion last year. Our hard work made those profits possible. It’s time for management to respect our rights in return.
    The April 28 rally is sponsored by Local 804 as part of a Teamster National Day of Action.

  3. menotyou

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    Wish 687 would do that.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Will Pepperoni Pete be there?
  5. menotyou

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    I thought it was cigar? Or is it Cigar Sammy?
  6. local804

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    Cigar Pete, yes he will.
  7. packageguy

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    let us know how it goes,
  8. Anonymous 10

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    You guys at local 804 are with out a doubt TEAMSTERS. You've got a lot of spirit
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    its not spirit 407....its getting stupid---all routes are dispatched at 11 hours...lots of people are really getting fed up....its come to a head ...even the quiet guys are speaking up....these supervisors are even getting fed up-tired of DELIVERING ..they are LEAVING in droves--no one to replace them...yes -grievances are being filed ...more people daily getting on 9.5 list...804 --is turning the corner--run the routes atlanta !
  10. cino321

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    When the on-car's are encouraging the drivers to go on the 9.5 list so they can run more routes, you know it's bad lol.
  11. Coldworld

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    They don't care about the customers...do you really think they care about their employees; this has been made crystal clear over the last few years....
  12. menotyou

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    Sounds as bad as when our prior center manager had us call the 800# on one of his own. Yikes!
  13. packageguy

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    got my sticker today, ready to wear it on thursday.
  14. goingdownbrown

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    got our stickers today,I think they have lost there mines with the work loads.
  15. Coldworld

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    do other companies go through the drama that this one does??? It goes way beyond a union...my wife and brother have unions in their companies and they dont go through ANYTHING close to what goes on here. This same :censored2: would happen if we made 10 dollars an hour! UPS has a serious problem with their employees.
  16. Ibt804Hammer

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    It's bad and getting worse daily