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    I am currently in my 25th year at UPS. I have been a driver for the past 18 years and worked part time preload my first 6 1/2 years. I am 47 y/o. My question is can I retire 25 and out even if only 19 of those years are fulltime credited and dont have the age. I have a possible job opportunity and want to weigh my options.. Any info would be helpfull
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    yes. 25 & out with approx. 2662/month years of service pension.
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    You are asking at the wrong place. This site -although an excellant one for gossip, fighting, tivia, troubleshooting, getting something off your chest, solving world problems and most eveything else- is not the most reliable one for asking an important question like yours that requires the absolute correct answer. Contact your own Local and make sure you get what they say in writing.
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    Go to Human Resource and ask to speak to the person who handles retirements, also ask for a copy of your 804 pension profile. Ask them when and how much you get for your part time years. Tell them you are in the planning stages. If you are getting a job and will have an income there is no rush, the last that I heard was they want three months to complete the paper work.