Local 804 Row B Slate going down fast!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by lonewolf, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. lonewolf

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    Each and every building is fed up with this new Executive Board. Alot wanted change and are now realizing what a mistake we made. They keep on sucking more money out of us. They said they would make things better and Row B is digging us deeper and deeper. I was told today that one of the wives went to a specialist this week and has to shell out $500 dollars of their own money. She has been seeing this doctor for 6 years and all of a sudden they now charge her $500 with this new plan............... :biting::biting:
  2. AcesUp804

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    Nothing new from you no facts , just keep typing , try changing your name again.....Thats all you say , I was told , I heard , Someone said, I'm sure there was some reason but when it gets fix you won't say that will you.......How can you go to the same doctor and pay 500 , O I know maybe they only take Magna Care with we don't use any more..... No one cares what you say Steve M......
  3. over9five

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    Seeing the same specialist for 6 years..... Sounds like it's time for a new plan!
  4. AcesUp804

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    LOL thats why our fund is almost out of money :)
  5. lonewolf

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    The person has MSA a very serious illness, They have to see a specialist. Why would I say someones name or location on a site that is something very private.

  6. AcesUp804

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    This is why you are clueless , didn't say to put someones name , but why didn't you wait until that person called the union and found out why he or she had to pay out of pocket then write about it here. Because thats all you do is type what sounds good for your cause nothing else.

    The different between you and I is I will tell the whole truth not what makes what I want to happen sound better.
  7. lonewolf

    lonewolf New Member

    Again Vinny go to Sleep.............
  8. 804brown

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    Yo Tony. Yo Vinny. Badda Bing. You guys are making us look like Local 80JERSEYSHORE!
  9. LittleBilly19

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    Every building was fed up with row a at one point and I never heard u voice any concern. Well, maybe u told a manager while u guys were in bed