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    Local 804 Reaches Tentative Agreement
    Biggest Pension Increase In Local 804 History

    We have reached a tentative agreement on a new Local 804 contract that includes record pension increases, more full-time jobs and a better grievance procedure among other improvements.

    I want to personally thank Local 804 members, stewards and the Contract Action Team. Your unity and support gave us the leverage we needed to make UPS increase its offer and put a contract on the table that we can recommend to the membership.

    Under the contract, the pension will increase to $3,900/month on January 1 and reach $4,000/month in 2017. This is the biggest pension increase of any contract in Local 804 history.

    The contract also provides for the largest number of full-time 22.3 jobs in Local 804 history and will create a minimum of 100 new full-time jobs in our local.

    We have also won a better grievance procedure that will give members' swifter justice. Management will no longer be able to abuse the system and leave members with a termination hanging over their heads for a year or more while they wait for arbitration. Suspension and discharge cases will be decided in a month or two.

    Disciplinary cases will be heard before a panel of representatives from Local 804 and representatives from the company. If the union and company deadlock on a case, an arbitrator will issue a decision right then and there.

    The tentative agreement also includes more vacation scheduling, especially in the summer months, stronger rights for feeder drivers to overtime and extra work during peak, increased guaranteed hours for laid off and displaced members, and other improvements.

    Every agreement includes give and take. Members will be able to review all changes to the contract before the ratification vote. A special General Membership Meeting to review the contract will be held on Sunday, May 19.

    We have a lot to celebrate. With a $4,000/month pension and a record pension increase, we have come a long way since the pension cuts and attacks on 25 & Out in our last contract.

    On behalf of the entire Bargaining Committee, I want to Local 804 members for your support from the contract survey through the contract actions this week and everything in between.

    United we win! And together we have won contract improvements that are the envy of UPS Teamsters across the country.
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    This is what happens when the members remove the Old Guard Hofficers from their Local Executive Board, and replace them with reformers who work for the best interests of their members, instead of what will impress Mr. last name in the Marble Palace.
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    Yup 804brown, I just received a text and a email.
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    Congrats to Tim S on a job well done! Maybe we should be looking at a hall/Sylvester ticket in 2016!
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    Once released, I think I'll download a copy to see how it compares to my local.
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    Hahaha cant wait to see the GIVE in the give and take !!!!!!!!!!!
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    More like Sylvester/Liam R. That dude works hard! I don't know how many hours Liam sleep, but glad to have him!
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    glad we got it, but hopefully we didn't have to give up the whole farm for that increase (just a few acres). election day? partimers delivering ground? flexible start times for drivers? also wondering if the 25 and out got the same $300 bump
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    I support you Shill even though you took a Shat on me for supporting my teammates who I know busted their ASS for us all. Congratulation. I love being a TEAMSTER as well as being your BROTHER. 804 kicks ass
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    Even though the local supplement seems to be worthy of a "YES" vote, Im still waiting for the complete details...But I want my fellow members in Local 804 to understand, that even though the local supplement seems good for the moment, we are voting that "NATIONAL" AGREEMENT DOWN!!!! Send hall back to the damn table
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    The devils is in the details 300 dollars increase does not qualify you for a national ticket spot . Put the kool aid down and look into the details. 300 dollars for what is the question I have.
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    Just curious. Why is it that you can wait for the details of the supplement to make you decision, but you can't wait for the details of the National Agreement? Not trying to offend you, I'm just trying to keep an open mind until I see the details for myself.
  13. realbrown1

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    Maybe in a few years he will be the new GP. Wouldn't that be great 407? A GP with brains, balls and integrity. Bet he will never take campaign contributions from UPS.
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    Five years ago my e board called a meeting telling us the contract was fair for the times and we all know how that turned out so hold your horses before you go yelling to the mountains
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    Who were you hoping for a national ticket, Donato?? Lmao
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    Does any1 know the actual pay increases? Im a high volume sorter and i make 12.00 right now any idea what that will go up too?
  17. brownmonster

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    Might depend on how high the volume you sort is.
  18. 10013

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    16 dollars an hour by 2018 sad but true
  19. 10013

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    no is the answer to that question
  20. phester7

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    so 80 cents a year?