Local 952 Angels Summer Season Tickets

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Evil

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    I was wondering how many Angels baseball season tickets Local 952 has? Because 4 x 81 games = 324 tickets. How do they distribute those tickets to the members? In the summer months when the local cancels the general membership meetings for 3 months Local 952 doesn't raffle anything out.

    I was informed that UPS Coast Center shop steward DS requested some tickets and was denied. If Local 952 has 324 tickets how could they not give a steward a few? Is PK selling them on Stub Hub? Maybe the IRB should contact him.
  2. The Silent Bang

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    Most tickets are given to BA's with the "intent" they use them to take their stewards or members. But we all know that they take the tickets of games they want to attend and never ask anyone other than family and friends to go.
  3. realbrown1

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    It's a scam that should be punishable immediate removal from office and s 5 year ban from the teamsters.

    Teamster money should never be used for sports tickets.
  4. Evil

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    Wow I hear that Local 952 has a total of 6 Angels season tickets. 6 x 81 = 486 total tickets. Grant , maybe you can personally give DS some from your own personal stash.

    The IBT and IRB found that at least one organizer was caught selling them on his Facebook page. Talk about intelligence. Haven't you guys heard of Stub Hub or Craigslist?
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  5. WeDon'tForget

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    The organizer ruined it for all of us. Thanks
  6. Evil

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    No he didn't. He did the members of 952 a favor to get PK and hopefully the rest of the corrupt EB removed. Your local needs change. The good thing is you guys have two young guys from two different hubs with knowledge and even testicles to take over that local.

    We all know GM set both of them up. Have some unity and don't split your opposition. We know JC 42 supports EJ and the Teamsters United Slate EE.

  7. The Silent Bang

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    This just shows the lack of responsibility on PK part. Like i have mentioned on other boards all he cares about is politics. And i understand that politics do play a part in our union but PK takes it a little too far, using dues monies to pay for "volunteers" sending staff to Long Beach ( a city not even in Orange County ) to precinct walk and phone banking.
    If he was at the local doing what he is suppose to be doing, taking charge of the daily operation of our local then he wouldn't be in this situation. He relies on his office manager to do everything, he won't allow the president (a woman that PK will not allow any power because he's a sexist) to do a damn thing, the vice pres (a neanderthal) isn't smart enough to run the local and the recording secretary (the donkey) his mediocre ambitions and lack of Teamster knowledge will sink him because secretly he's trying to take PK out.