Local 952 in trouble?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by realbrown1, Jul 21, 2014.

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    I just heard that our local's building is a mold paradise. Water has been leaking into the building apparently for years and has caused a mold to grow for years and maybe decades.
    One of our local's BA's is sick from cancer that the family said is caused from inhaling the spores from that mold. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Does our local have insurance for this, because our local is broke from years of over spending?
    And what of the building? It's an old building that would probably have to be demolished. Will that be covered by insurance because our local is broke from over spending for years?
    If this was 1997, our local could deal with this in cold hard cash. But Kelly spent it all and more on frivolous items like Angel season tickets behind home plate.
    Can anyone else in local 952 confirm this?
  2. ChickenLegs

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    As it has been going on for some time, I doubt the policy would cover it.

    That really sucks about your BA
  3. I will pray for your business agent and his family. You never know in life when these things can occur.
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    Why haven't they fixed the local? Pat K went around telling people that what the reformers were saying about the local being broke wasn't true. It turns it out 952 is so broke they can't even fix a roof and now one of their agents is sick.

    That is negligence and Pat K could pay with jail time.
  5. I hope Pat K is ok. I'll pray for him.
  6. Hawfuh Sux

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    Your gonna pray for the person responsible over the person dying of cancer? You really are screwed up!!!
  7. I pray for most people. When someone tells me their friend, family, or someone they know of is in a bad way I ask their name. Than I keep them in my prayors. I guess I'm screwed up like that.
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    Praying is overrated. Watch the science channel a little more often.
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    It's it true you can pray the gay away? .....friend wants to know.
  10. Nope. Jesus made us all the way he wanted. You are as normal as I. When he came back it was to wash away all our sins. I've done some bad things in life so who am I to cast stones. Jesus loves you. Don't ever forget this. You are you. You are special and the only one like you.

    Be who you are. I appreciate you.
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    This thread is not about religion. It's about the jerk off principal officer of 952 that has embezzled so much money from his local that there is no money to fix the roof or plumbing. As a result mold developed and now one of the BAs has cancer do to breathing the spores of the mold.
  12. Really what I think it's about is a guy who 's down on his luck who might have cancer or something of the sort who's sick. The OP used this in order to start a thread for his own personal gain. Now some smart asses in good people are turning it around on you and your buddy. The two of you are not very nice guy's and we are just showing you this. You don't like that just like you don't like anything that doesn't go your way.
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    ....I'll let my friend know.

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    Sounds like union dues should be raised to fund for whatever's going to happen.
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