Local 952 S/T PK was at my barn today with some of his slate saying he wasn't supporting H anymore.

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  1. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Now we know why H's name was not on any of his slates flyers.

    Sort of ironic considering that FZ came by 952 to personally ask for PK's support and was shown the door.

    And Western Region VP and H supporter RH was at the UPS Anaheim hub campaigning with PK, something doesn't pass the smell test.

    He says his slate is not voting for H, when he is at Aliso Viejo UPS.

    He is campaigning with RH, a H regional VP, at Anaheim UPS.

    He told FZ his slate is not voting for FZ.

    I think he was 100% lying to the members of Aliso Viejo UPS, because all the evidence says the PK supports H.

    Because if you take PK at his word, if elected, he won't vote for anybody at the Convention.

    Then why go?
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    So he can see you there again and maybe repeat that bar slapping thing again?
  3. Lead Belly

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    It would make for some good entertainment.
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    Realbrown1, next time you try fictional children's literature remember that fairy tales always start with the words:[​IMG]
  5. LagunaBrown

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    Real brown is an embarrassment to our local. You can see even after all the schooling in the yards and on browncafe the guy will never accept the truth. He posts lies and negativity because his agenda is anti-union.
  6. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    So, are you supporting H, if you are elected?
  7. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Can you post a link to a flyer of your slate that shows that you are or are not supporting H?

    You just can't say I am lying about this, when you know it's true.

    Tell us LB, who are you supporting.

    H or FZ?

    It's a very easy question?
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  8. LagunaBrown

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    It's a secret ballot dummy. Once again your ignorance shines through. If I asked members that same question you would file charges on me and you know it. Get a life and get people to vote!
  9. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    You want people to vote for you and your slate when you don't even have the balls to tell people who you are supporting?

    It's H or FZ.

    Shouldn't the members know who you are supporting?
  10. The Silent Bang

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    Thats the worse 'cop out" that i have ever heard!!! Your on a delegates slate to represent members at our union convention if elected and your not endorsing ANYONE because according to you it's a "secret ballot" .. Why don't you grow some, stand your ground and put your candidate out in the forefront! Is this how you represent your members by cowering and hiding?? Typical! Typical! Typical!
  11. The Silent Bang

    The Silent Bang Active Member

    I know what these bozos are doing, they tell one member one thing and another something else...
    They are politicking in riddles ha ha ha ha !!

    Lets just call them "Riddle Politicians"
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  13. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Has everyone noticed that Lagunabrown, a candidate for on the PK slate, hasn't said who he, or his slate members are supporting if elected at the Teamster Convention in June?

    I have asked him many times to just tell us if he and his slate are supporting H, or are they supporting FZ?

    His only response has been to say that it is a secret ballot.

    There are only 2 slates of candidates at the convention to support.

    Can you imagine being so ashamed to tell the membership that you and your slate are supporting H, that you don't mention H on you campaign flyers, and tell members that you are not supporting him?

    Then, if elected, have the gall to go to the convention an support H.

    Isn't this the type of politics that we are sick of the OG pulling on us over and over?

    The corruption.

    The concessions.

    Imposing contracts on members who voted down those contracts 3 times.

    Being in bed with management against the members.

    Pension funds failing like dominoes, while H does NOTHING.

    If this stunt pulled by Lagunabrown and his slate are not prime examples of why H and PK need to go, I don't know what is.
  14. Bubblehead

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    This must be the script for incumbents who want to trick the membership into voting for them, and in turn H.
    In my local, and several others close by, the incumbents are claiming "vote for our slate and we will do what the membership wants"???

    How do they not already know?

    How do they plan to find out, a post delegates election...election?

    What a joke.
    Don't be fooled people, they know exactly what they will do if elected and will have the red vest to prove it.
  15. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.


    Shows you that when given the choice to do as the membership wants, and what the OG leaders want, they are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what THEY WANT.
  16. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    This just in, PK has put on his private fb page today a post that says his slate is supporting H.

    He lied to the members faces at Laguna UPS about not supporting H.

    PK has just been caught in a lie.

    But what do you expect from a H loving OG follower like PK.

    He has no choice but to support H.

    Otherwise, with our local's finances, H will trustee our local.
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    This just in

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  18. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

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    I'm back,...... :)
  20. Spongebob1

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    They are hoping that staying on the "fence" they pick up more votes, I say take a stance, and grow a pair!!