Local 952s Recording Sec. Grant M goes parcel on the members!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Jun 17, 2015.

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    Word coming out of tonight's Local 952 General Membership Meeting is that Recording Secretary and Business Agent Grant *** lost his cool and went parcel. Apparently a former shops steward out of Stadium Center in Anaheim questioned the horrible shop steward representation at his center and numerous vacation violations believed to be about shop stewards and other drivers working their vacations and screwing over the cover drivers.

    But this is not where the fireworks at tonight's general membership meeting ended. Tommy *** and ex-shop steward at UPS Freight also went after Grant over him targeting him.

    On both occasions Grant turned red and began shouting via the microphone as he stood behind his podium. The Local President on both occasions had to use her gable to cool things down and bring about a consensus.

    *** who was present at the meeting not once got up to defend his hero. Principal officer Patrick who looked more worried and stressed over the current investigation did not speak out once to defend his out of hand Recording Secretary. But why would he? His degenerate drunk Vice President got away with a DUI driving a union issued vehicle.

    Things are getting more interesting by the day at Local 952 and the next local officers election isn't until October 2016. The membership still has plenty of time to expose this corrupt and out of touch executive board before the IRB recommends trusteeship.

    Grant if you are found guilty of charges by the IRB you will not only be suspended for 3 to 4 years from being a Teamster, but you cannot return to UPS either. The same goes to Mo (Trustee). The only way you can return or continue to work at UPS if you were brought up on charges is if you worked in a Right-to-Work state.

    I bet you didn't know that Grant and Mo....
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    Isn't it --- goes postal? Never heard parcel
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    Maybe he trying to be clever and Evil?
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    Sounds to me like you weren't there you're just spreading a rumor. "word coming out of"
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    If you weren't there, why reduce yourself to pointless speculation ?

    Even commenting, makes you seem like a "chick on her cell phone".

    What's up with Bruce Jenner ?

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    GM was being condescending as always. He really thinks he's a tough guy!! Your not a tough guy! Stop trying to act tough before it get's you into more trouble that you are already in.

    Seems like the stress is really getting to him now, you can blame your boss and your weak role as a E-Board member.
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    Grant has burned himself by telling business agents from other locals how he's set up opponents with management and even sold out people at panels. He's done it to many people, especially EE and EJ. These are people who have ran against them.

    Grant remember how many times you've bragged about it? Remember how much you bragged about being good friends with the division and labor managers? We don't forget. How many general membership meetings did you attend before you were offered the job the cowboy turned down? You must of have been trained by Bobby. Haha
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    At the end of the meeting LB attempted to cool down one of the outspoken members and he was having non of it. LB almost got knocked out. LB, there is no unity at Local 952. Local 952 is so broken that you've had two opposing slates in the last two elections. PK and his "experienced" slate better pray that your local remains divided. Because if the two opposing slates unite, PKs "experience" slate will get beaten by a landslide.

    LB, I hear PK and GM are using you as their personal kool-aid tender. Unfortunately for you, the members aren't drinking PKs kool-aid anymore. As a matter of fact less and less members are drinking it. Pretty soon, you'll have the keg all for yourself.
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    How come you do not have his job? You are after all dr. Evil. image.jpg
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    Yea he definitely isn't smart like a doctor.
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    Live spelled backwards is Evil.
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    Evil spelled backwards is live
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    LB isn't as coc*y as he was yesterday. He saw what we were talking about. There is nothing he can say to save face on this.

    He was punked by that former steward, trying to be the pacifier between unhappy members and GM isn't a good look for you kid! ..

    But he'll come back on here with his spin on how we are all wrong and that we should speak out at the meetings.

    LB you saw first hand last night how the E-Board shuts down any one with complaints.
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