Local company faces $320K fine in worker death

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    Local company faces $320K fine in worker death - Courier Journal

    Material Handling Systems of Louisville faces proposed fines of $320,400 for safety violations after one of its employees died in a fatal fall in Addison, Ill.

    The 42-year-old Illinois man was dismantling equipment at a United Parcel Service facility when he accidentally fell 22 feet. Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration authorities opened an investigation into MHS and MHS Technical Services, which were working under a multi-million contract with UPS to dismantle conveyor systems and install new, high-speed conveyors.

    Similar upgrades are planned as UPS expands its Centennial package handling facility in south Louisville.
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    So young. Tragic.
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    This company was already fined 3 times for a total of $210,000 for OSHA violations and proposed fines of $92, 000 for other OSHA violation plus 3 additional fines of between $4400-7000 each for still others.

    how many chances does a company get? and UPS hired them probably because they had the lowest bid.

    hope the family gets a good attorney.