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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 804 member, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. 804 member

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    I am curious how each building is shaping up on the vote.

    I have not poled the building but my guess would be:

    60% Row C (Bill)
    30% Row B (Tim)
    10% Row A (Tony)

    How are the other buildings shaping up???
  2. CRASH501

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    Ive got cash that says your WAY OFF!
  3. probellringer

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    i would guess

    60% tim
    20% bill
    20% tony...
  4. 804brown

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    Its looking like : Tim and members united 50%....Buhlert slate 30%....Donato members'voice 20%
  5. 804 member

    804 member Active Member

    Which buildings are you guys refering to? Nassau?
  6. 804 member

    804 member Active Member

    I was refering to Nassau
  7. packageguy

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    Not to be disrespectful but would it matter, you guys been doing laundry on brown cafe company sees a soft spot and takes advantage...
  8. Had enough

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    I Don't know what planet you are from but I would do Members Voice in the lead!
  9. oldtymer

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    In any election (not just a union election) when there are more than 2 choices the incumbants typically win. The other slates (or candidates) often just end up taking votes away and cancelling each other out. Just my 2 cents worth of observation.
  10. upsman39

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    I'm voting leadership slate because of Dan P, who is a great steward
  11. nowayjose2

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