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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by slyguy, Jan 24, 2003.

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    A major problem which I discovered on some P500 is the rear brakes locking up with little brake pedal movement. Problem was fixed after replacing the rear brake shoes. This took 5 times to write up as the contractor said this was normal and adjusted them a few times. After replacing the shoes, the brakes were lost on the rear when the fluid leaked out.

    Refuse to drive a locking vehicle as you'll be at fault in an accident even though it was the brakes fault. Goodluck!!
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    Sly, You would not happen to have a copy of that report would you. I would be interested to pass that on to some of our drivers.

    On a related note, there has been a real problem with TP60's coming off the hitches while going down the road. Saw an intra house memo that stated that due to the wear on the balls and on the hitch, they can come off even though they have been properly hooked up. Most areas I think have been notified of this problem and have been told to mike out the balls on a regular basis to make sure they will not let the hitch jump off.

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    P500, is that the 7 cube diesel?
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    No that would be a P700. P500's are the little would be trucks that are gas powered. Most are early to mid 80's and hopefully most are on their way out of our system. IMHO the most unsafe vehicle UPS has ever bought.

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    Was the UPS driver killed in a P500? These P500 series vehicles need to be pulled from the UPS fleet in the winter season mostly where rural or unsafe highway travel exists. The P500 is a rear wheel drive 4 tire vehicle with a 4 speed transmission, manual steering and a 4.3 V6 engine. My prayers go the the driver's family, friends and co-workers.

    Please slow down, think the unthinkable and don't let safety impede your judgement.
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    No Tractor trailer rig

    And not that it makes any difference, he was the district safety manager, not a driver, even though he was driving at the time. Took the rig over a bridge.


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    slyguy -
    I notice in each of your posts you are searching for problems.
    This post is a prime example. I have re-read this post 4 times. Nowhere do I see where any driver was killed. Exactly how did you leap to that conclusion?
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    Mr smf.....You will find in each and everyone of slyguys post exactly the same kind of "that mean Corperate Giant, UPS, taking unfair advantage of poor me and the other employees. Your heart should go out to him, as does mine. This poor man (slyguy), has taken upon himself, the daunting task of showing the world what a mean, corrupt, evil company UPS is. I feel nothing but sorrow for this man, for he is FORCED to work for such a company. Why will not UPS allow this "man" to leave and find employment with another company where he would be happy in his work...It's so unfair that UPS will not allow him to leave, and force him to stay with a company he hates
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    <<<<<< Ms.
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    Ms smf....Please forgive me. I'm so sorry that i didn't read your profile before posting. Had I read it, I most certainly would not have refered to you as Mr. In the future, I will make sure I know the gender of the person I'm talking to, when their profile or nic indicated such. Again, I ask for your forgiveness, and assure you my mistake woun't be repeated.