lol plastic trucks

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    Why would plastic do worse than aluminum?
  3. dilligaf

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    You beat me in mileage, anywhere from 75 - 100 miles (over my mileage) a day and the temps too. I do have the rough roads though. Keyless ignition doesn't go well with rough roads/dirt either.
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    When it gets really cold plastic cracks easier.... Also when you leave a scratch in plastic you start to cut into it. We also brush against a lot of branches each day and the people that park that cars at night play bumper cars with at least 4 sides of the cars every night.
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    Paper or plastic? Or is that just a California thing?
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    Chain grocery stores typically don't offer paper as an option anymore. Smaller, local, or regional stores sometimes do, nation-wide.
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    ‚ÄčOur chain store has paper but we have to ask for it.
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    Here, in GA, the national chains sell the cloth bags that you bring in to bag your groceries and you use them over and over.
    $1 each and they hold about twice what a plastic bag holds.
    Other wise, it's plastic or plastic and they are all the same color.

    I personally use the plastic bags to carry off our "spoil-able" trash off - I usually take them back to the grocery store or the gas station.
    We recycle all cardboard, cans, plastics, newspapers, etc. and I drop them off at the recycle station once every 3 months or so.

    PS- We live out in the country and we have a 650 concrete driveway with a gate so we can't get any of the garbage companies to drive up to our house to get our trash.
    I've offered them $50 / month (over 3 times their rate) but none of them will do it.
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    Thanks Hoax. We have had a couple of meetings with our Solar City rep and every time he comes he gives us tote bags. So far I have 5 of them and they are good sized. They will work perfectly for grocery bags. :hugs:
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    I have tote bags from Target ("Super" Target that has a full grocery section) but I can never remember to bring them.
    I always get plastic and re-use them for trash/laundry.

    I have actually been to a Target store in another state that offered paper bags as an option. Out of the many states I've been to, I've only seen this once. It was very strange.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that UPS has tested these in severe conditions. Years ago RPS trucks were FRP, fiberglass reinforced plastic. I can only guess the technology has gotten infinitely better since then. And what if the plastic is "molded in color" like models? Those scratches are easily "buffed out" with the "paint" literally the thickness of the body panel.
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    Most cars today have plastic covers that go over the bumpers. You don't need to hit something to hard and those things crack especially in the winter. The sides of the car are still metal that is for a reason.

    UPS isn't going to BUFF OUT anything. They touch up the package car today with a can of paint and a paint brush....

    Also the thicker the plastic the more bridle it becomes when it gets cold....
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    It says in the article that the panels are molded plastic. Same color throughout. Perhaps no more faded paint and water stains. Slight issue though with the size. Smaller than a P700.
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    plastic fades....
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    Hasn't Saturn vehicles been plastic from the start?
  17. bbsam

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    FRP has been arround for decades. Can't believe this would end up causing significant problems. "Welding" pieces just got alot easier. Forget the JB weld. Break out the Gorilla glue.
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    In the late 80's and early 90 they had plastic body panels then they changed to steal because the plastic bodies are crap. You can bang a dent out of metal fixing a crack isn't as easy it most cases you have to replace the panel.....
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    God forbid they recycle!