Long Term Disability

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    Out of work injury Short term disability is soon to expire. Anybody know how UPS Long Term Disability works? Waiting to hear from HR. Figured I would check in here.
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    It's all explained in the Summary Plan Description you got in the mail.

    If you're a full-timer under the Teamsters Contract, this language will get you started . . .

    Section 1. Health & Welfare and Pension Provisions
    (j) Long-Term Disability

    (1) Full-time seniority employees will become eligible for longterm disability (LTD) after six (6) months of employment for nonoccupational illnesses or injuries that last longer than twenty-six (26) weeks.

    (2) Long-term disability benefits will equal sixty percent (60%) of the employee’s base weekly pay to a maximum of six hundred dollars ($600) per week for up to five (5) years. Long-term disability benefits begin when short-term disability coverage ends or after twenty-six (26) weeks from date of disability, whichever is later.

    (3) Average weekly base pay is computed by averaging paid hours (maximum of forty (40) hours per week) each week during the last full calendar quarter the employee worked and multiplying that by the hourly rate of their base job. Weeks of unemployment in the prior quarter will not be counted in the calculation. If there were substantial weeks of unemployment, the prior full calendar quarter may be used for the calculation.

    (4) The definition of disability, termination of eligibility, offsets, exclusions, limitations, claim procedures and any other related issues will be controlled by the Summary Plan Description.

    (5) The long-term disability coverage will become effective on August 1, 2004 for eligible employees who become disabled after that date. However, pre-existing conditions will not affect the employee’s eligibility for LTD.

    (6) In those situations where a Teamster Health and Welfare Fund provides a short term disability benefit, the employee receiving such benefit shall provide the UPS National LTD Plan sixty (60) days advance notice of the estimated termination date of the short term disability. If such notice is not provided, the UPS National LTD Plan shall have the right to delay the commencement of LTD payments.

    (7) Any employee receiving LTD benefits pursuant to this Plan shall be entitled to receive health care coverage in accordance with the SPD for up to twelve (12) months only.
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    Yonko, there is the perfect answer,could have not said better, good luck
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    Im on long term disability now and want to know is there is a way that i can be moved somewhere else?? I'm a 22.3 full timer work 6 days a week but ups says 5 because i work at 11pm been working for UPS for 6yrs . I know the 22.3s are given all of the work because our contract really doesn't give a specific job duty just says two part-time jobs put together. If I want to go back to work cant do the same job like (erags)? can I have them move me??

    My gut say's no