LOOK, It's Official, Twin Hill is No Longer Our Uniform Supplier


Same As It Ever Was
Goodbye Twinhill and to your sh⒤tty standards.



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I seen the Aramark truck pull in to the hub last week. Think we will have to order our first batch or will they supply our change over on site?
We have been told to order what we need from the new company. I have not requested anything yet so not sure if they are allowing our center to actually order yet.


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We were allowed to order on the 1st in our center so a bunch of dudes already got their stuff. Some of it is nice. The beanie is a big upgrade, some of the jackets are really nice. The new vest is really poor quality compared to the old one though. Mine is already fraying after just 2 weeks. The shirt-jackets and pants are the exact same as the old ones except the pants have a lil side pocket and the shirts have a ups logo on the back and 2 random stripes on the sleeve.