Look What That Freakin' Tyrant Hugo Chavez Is Up Too!

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    Comrade Hugo voices solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, slams their “horrible repression,” calls Obama “a big fraud”
    One out of three isn’t bad for the malignant tumor.
    CARACAS (Reuters) — Socialist firebrand Hugo Chavez condemned on Saturday the “horrible repression” of anti-Wall Street protesters and termed a Republican presidential candidate “crazy” for his criticism of Cuba and Venezuela.

    Although still convalescing from cancer surgery in June followed by four rounds of chemotherapy, the 57-year-old Venezuelan president is quickly returning to the tough rhetoric and strong views that have made him famous worldwide.
    Not surprisingly, Chavez expressed solidarity with American activists who have been staging rallies and marches against what they view as corporate greed by Wall Street.

    The U.S. protests, which began last month in New York and have spread to Tampa, Florida, Seattle and other cities, have mostly been peaceful but sometimes resulted in confrontations. Dozens were arrested and police used pepper spray in New York earlier this week.

    “This movement of popular outrage is expanding to 10 cities and the repression is horrible, I don’t know how many are in prison now,” Chavez said in comments at a political meeting in his Caracas presidential palace shown on state TV.
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    See by putting poisons into your body to fight cancer does not effect your mind in any way.
    But why didn't he go to a good USA medical center for his treatment ?
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    My guess is he's afraid of another CIA backed coup attempt like the one they tired to pull in 2002'.
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    But Sean Penn could provide his security.