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    Hello, I'am new to this site looking at a job posted for feeders in Lancaster,PA.

    Could someone tell me what i might expect when i go to the tour/ Interview? They mentioned a driving test, what type of trans does UPS run in thier trucks? 8.SPD road ranger etc. Looking at some of the posts on this site it looks like this postition in feeders is rare so I'am taking it this is really going to be hard to get into. Thanks
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    First, why is your handle Backdoor?
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    My horse is an older Mack with a Maxi torque 8 speed. The newer Macks are eaton fuller 8 speeds. I thinks the sterlings run with eaton fullers also. There are also Internationals and Fords but I'm not sure on the type of trans. in those tractors. They are 8 speed also. Good luck driver
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    His thread title pretty well states it - Looking into feeder driver.

    I wonder if he is looking for some of that drug parafinlla?


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    You guys are getting slow. Five replies and not one of them has the words "fat","doughnut", or "maternity pants" in them.
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    Standard 9 speed in most of the old Macks. 10 speeds in the newer trucks. Good luck, but be prepared, there is a whole lot more to this than just truckin.
  8. Backdoor

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    You got me with the backdoor thing. I guess i could have put a little more thought into that one.

    Anyway I understand that this would be more than just a truck driver job
    the web site just dosent have that much info. It says you start at 7pm and end your shift the next mourning well around what time would that be? And i have driving experience just not doubles do think i would even have chance without driving doubles before? Thanks for your input.
  9. raceanoncr

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    First, I can't believe there would be a job posting for off-the-street hire feeder drivers, with bargaining rules and such, but if so, well, knock yourself out.

    Second, it's rare for ANY new person to get locked into a time slot right off the bat. How many other drivers are there? How many runs? You sure it isn't just seasonal? Check it out.

    Third, you got experience but no doubles? Well, that COULD be a problem. HERE, again, I emphasize, HERE, no one off the street is hired that does not have D endorsement.

    What kinda of job you have now? Pay decent? It's gonna be a long time before you're up to full scale here. Details will likely follow.

    It surely will not hurt to apply. Merely applying does not mean YOU have to take it. Ask some questions. Let us know.
  10. Backdoor

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    Yes it is seasonal What does that mean for me?
    I do have the D endorsement just havent pulled them before.

    I currently work for State goverment driving a Low boy Hualing the state's heavy equipment I'am looking at this being casual as i can retire soon I will only be 38 this seams to be all night work i was thinking maybe I'am wrong you can tell me. I can work the nights with UPS since it's seasonal getting my foot in the door may lead to something more when I'am ready to retire with the state. But i dont know how your system works at UPS that's why i'Am here asking some ?'s thanks for your help so far too!!!
  11. raceanoncr

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    To give a quick ans to a few questions right now...there are now some glitches to being seasonal. I'll check, cuz I'm not familiar with this(I got 31 yrs in here so it hasn't been a concern), but I don't believe you will come back after seasonal. Others can enlighten. I will check, tho, and get back if others have not done so by that time.

    Holding a 7 PM run at UPS and holding a day job? Well, it can be done and HAS been done. There is nothing wrong or illegal(other than violating DOT regs) with that, BUT! And, here, it's a BIG but! (Hmm...sounds like the beginnings of a rap song) Depending on the hub or center, that 7 PM run could turn into a 7, 8 or 9 AM finish time. Could your other job handle that? Is it flexible enough? Could YOU handle that?

    Am a little busy today but will try to find in the contract about seasonals and get back. I'm sure others will be able to slide in and give facts.

    You DO have the D. Fine. They will put you thru any UPS schooling you will need. Even if you HAVE pulled doubles before, you will learn all over again.
  12. raceanoncr

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    Better add a clarification on this or else I will get trounced. Remember I mentioned DOT regs? Well, a feeder run at UPS is governed by DOT, not UPS. You cannot work more than 60 hrs in a week(70 on sleeper team).

    How many hrs you work at day job? You know you hafta add those hours into total for the week , don't you? The DOT doesn't care if you have one or 5 jobs a day as long as your hours at the end of the week aren't over 60, you don't driver over 11 a day, you have 10 or more hours off between shifts. Can you do that?
  13. Highwayman

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    This is called a casual job, no bennies, expect to wait 1 to 2 years for full time job. Older trucks 8 or 9 speeds, newer trucks 10 speeds. On these jobs you fill in for call offs or vacations-overflows etc. Good Luck!:dissapointed:
  14. hondo

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    Also, if you'll be retiring from your current job under a teamster pension plan (or any other, I suppose), you need to check into the re-employment policies/restrictions that might be in place.
  15. Backdoor

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    The one thing i have going for me is i work flex time i put in 37 1/2 hours a week i can flex my time however to reach that. Any thing over that is OT for the State DOT that i work 4
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    backdoor, there have been a few casuals that I have encountered from the great state of Pennsylvania that had second jobs while doing the feeder routine, the thing is that they didn't tell ups human resources.

    If you are a stickler for the rules even with the flex time, it is hard to balance. If you are working 37 and 1/2 hours a week, if you work past 22 and 1/2 hours at ups, you are over 60. Plus as mentioned before you need a 10 hour break and your other job will wreck that . I don't know if you are familiar with log rules but they apply here.

    As for doubles. It doesn't make a difference if you know them or not. Ups will train you . However, it sometimes depends on what particular runs are available in your week of training that will determine if you get doubles training or not. If the runs are not available or if your trainer wants to be lazy , you may not be doubles certified by the end of your week of training (which ain't necessarily a bad thing) .

    Also , I think you are probably going to need a lot of sleep when you learn this job especially if you are going to do it at peak time (nov, dec). You will probably be in the yard a good portion of the time shifting and it will probably be wise to do it with a clear head.
  17. spif91

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    The last off the street hire here in Okla City was about 2001.....We have pkg car drivers here been waiting 10 years to have a chance at feeders......They bring em out of pkg during peak and back into pkg come Jan....Must be different there in Pa.........
  18. Old International

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    If you go to work for UPS, you are looking at least 40 hours a week. Even if you only work part of a week, you still have to have the 10 hours rest, yada yada yada. Most feeder runs are 9-11 hours in length, so you would be hard pressed to work both jobs legally. My run is 10-11 PAID hours a day, of which I spend 7-7.5 moving. Run length is 402 miles.
  19. tieguy

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    I talked to a harpa feeder driver last week. says they are hiring off the street and they have twenty sleeper teams going in too.
  20. trplnkl

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    Do you not have a "inside to outside" hire ratio, like we do in package?